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Fatal mine accidents are common, often caused by crude explosives handled by inexperienced or inebriated miners.
Solitary individuals old enough to be on their own but too inexperienced to secure a territory are known as floaters.
It's a gorgeous sight but, for the inexperienced, an intimidating one.
Where such social upheaval exists, calves are being raised by ever more inexperienced females.
Chasing tornadoes can be dangerous for someone who is inexperienced.
Never let an inexperienced cook attempt a new dish for company, no matter how attractive her description of it may sound.
Next to measuring comes care in combining,-a fact not always recognized by the inexperienced.
Suppose him to have been inexperienced, and it's clear that it was only a chance that saved him-and chance may do anything.
Children typically get higher and quicker fevers, reflecting the effects of the pyrogens upon an inexperienced immune system.
He is inexperienced, and knows nothing of the science of climate change.
For a computer ostensibly designed for inexperienced users, it's a disaster.
And other research has shown that even quite inexperienced tadpoles can be canny when it comes to things that might eat them.
It would be one thing if the observers in question were inexperienced or untrustworthy.
Although inexperienced with the technique, he offered to help in any way possible.
Those distracted, inexperienced drivers won't even look at them.
Their powers were usually disputed by inexperienced and unruly parliamentary bodies.
Dominant pitching performances can be ruined by an inexperienced bullpen.
Maybe the administrator is inexperienced and willing to drag in faculty members during their summer break.
Major disasters are unlikely to be caused by well-meaning but inexperienced faculty members.
But students are also here to learn and are as yet inexperienced in many things.
They are relatively inexperienced and low-skilled, and in many countries they are easier to fire than their elders.
They point to the many hedge funds of doubtful quality, with inexperienced managers or even charlatans at the helm.
Most of these hedge funds are inexperienced mediocre traders.
The local prosecutors are widely seen as weak and inexperienced.
But many of them have been granted to small and inexperienced operators, often partners of local companies tied to the government.
He still needs to prove himself at the head of an inexperienced government.
If you are an entry-level, inexperienced job-seeker, talk to your friends.
But even these are inexperienced in mountain warfare.
Again, inexperienced investors could keep a close eye on what the smart money is doing, and adjust their bets accordingly.
The system is inefficient, poorly supervised and still inexperienced at lending.
Inexperienced rebels have shot up their own cars with anti-aircraft fire.
The inexperienced revolutionaries, if and when they take over, will face particular difficulties.
To justify the legal today you have to be incredibly naive, inexperienced and unlearned.
Their secular opponents are inexperienced, weak and divided.
Because younger drivers tend to be more inexperienced, rental-car companies often were reluctant to rent to them.
During the winter, however, inexperienced surfers may not be able to handle the height of the waves.
If inexperienced, rent a canoe from a livery and receive basic paddling instruction.
The migrants board rickety boats in the dark, taking orders from inexperienced seamen.
She's younger and inexperienced, and the adventure she is taking is far darker, grittier and more perilous.
These boats are designed for easy operation, even for the inexperienced boater.
So, only the new, inexperienced financial professionals will be targeting this market.
It's easy to judge why this inexperienced lawyer will get on the bench.

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A young man is not a proper hearer of lectures on political science; for he is inexperienced in the actions... more
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