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Example sentences for inexorable

One inexorable rule of etiquette is that you must talk to your next door neighbor at a dinner table.
There is an inexorable psychological undertow pulling me away from a reckoning with something so painful.
The connection between the two is inexorable: the airplane must bank to turn, and when it is banked, it must turn.
Rather, it has been an unexpected but inexorable military decline.
Perhaps someday you will realize this for yourself, with the inexorable brain development of maturity.
They cite growing evidence that the inexorable rise of the gas is altering the climate in ways that threaten human welfare.
And the film moves so smoothly it seems to be heading toward inexorable tragedy.
In fact, today the terraces continue their inexorable uplift at the rate of an inch per century.
The inexorable aging of our population will markedly influence the policy milieu in the years ahead.
And so the national debt continues on its inexorable rise.
Of these, approximately half are in need of some form of conservation action to slow their inexorable decline toward extinction.

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