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Because it's so plentiful in nature, it's virtually inexhaustible.
All that is required is the infrastructure, the fuel is free and inexhaustible.
Eternal and inexhaustible gravity power is the future path for us in my opinion.
If cold fusion worked, it could provide an inexhaustible supply of clean energy.
There is an inexhaustible supply of angry morons in this world, in all cultures.
Theoretically, a perfect photograph is absolutely inexhaustible.
The idea that the environment is an inexhaustible industrial toilet free for the using is centuries out of date.
The stunt work is exhilarating, the narrative ingenuity inexhaustible.
Now that would solve the energy problem- an inexhaustible supply.
Nuclear fusion is an essentially inexhaustible source of energy that can be extracted from seawater.
Wind energy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source.
Thus fusion has the potential to be an inexhaustible source of energy.
He was also known for his diligent work ethic and inexhaustible patience.
Peaking capability is not inexhaustible, however, and there may come a time when there is a need for peak capacity additions.
Theoretically, geothermal resources are a virtually inexhaustible energy source.
Thinkers of the day began to see our natural resources not as an inexhaustible commodity, but as treasures worth conserving.
Among other unique advantages, it has an inexhaustible supply of soft fresh water.
The lake provides an inexhaustible supply of fresh water and a highway for water-borne commerce.
Industrial minerals are not an inexhaustible resource.
Fusion holds out the promise of providing a clean and inexhaustible source of commercial electric power production.
Quarried at the present rate, there is an almost inexhaustible supply of granite.

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