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Interview scheduling is, at best, an inexact science.
Previous attempts to identify this process were stymied by inexact methods.
It's the reason why such an advanced canine has such relatively inexact poor vision vs a vs humans.
Yet the society had no police power over names, and its verbal descriptions were often so inexact as to be of little use.
Drafting players is often called an inexact science.
Oceans will likely continue to rise as well, but predicting the amount is an inexact science.
Self-hatred is a deeply-inexact description of the people this reader is trying to describe.
Forensics is an inexact science, and eyewitnesses are unreliable.
Transposing words or names from one language or alphabet into another is evidently an inexact science.
The problems caused by inexact terminology do not end here.
Translating national polls-current snapshots of opinion-into predictions of actual parliamentary seats is an inexact art.
But gauging the performances of individual players has long been an inexact science.
Recruiting rankings, while a decent barometer, are about as inexact a science as alchemy.
The problem with the slippery slope argument is that it depends on inexact, and sometimes hysterical, comparisons.
Because of this inexact data, it is difficult to get accurate counts about usage.
Before this, the location of a crash was a combination of the roadway name and a cross street, an inexact measurement.
Establishing the probability for an earthquake of a given magnitude is an inexact science.

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