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The cruel paradox of addiction is that it transforms a source of pleasure into an inescapable, insatiable need.
Whether they're carved into jack-o'-lanterns or baked into pies, pumpkins are inescapable this time of year.
My need to understand the city is perhaps inescapable.
Millions more are agricultural workers trapped in an inescapable cycle of extreme poverty, illiteracy, and oppression.
But by now, both mbira and thumb piano are so widely disseminated that they're pretty much inescapable, however problematic.
It is a province of raw dominance, inescapable poverty, and fear.
But there was an inescapable logic in going with an electric motor, in the eyes of the students.
It's one of the inescapable qualities of being alive.
Inescapable as that public profile may be, it doesn't begin to capture the impact he made on the military.
They're an essential part of our humanity, the inescapable byproducts of a brain that evolution engineered over millions of years.
Science and industry have produced drugs that are snatching people from what were thought to be inescapable deathbeds.
Narcissism seems to be the inescapable neurosis of our widely interconnected culture of media today.
Human causes are an inescapable conclusion from the data.
But the need for the cattle to leave, even if only temporarily for some, is inescapable.
Though the authors of the paper fail to draw this conclusion that is the inescapable significance of those papers.
We need to come to terms with the knowledge that greenhouse gas production is inescapable.
The one thing that still irks me is that, despite all my lecturing about anthropocentrism, it's inescapable.
Accepting evolution, then it becomes inescapable that genes largely rule.
In some cases, humanitarian interventions seem morally inescapable.
Cellphones and portable music players are inescapable on college campuses.
Statistical reasoning supports decision making under conditions of uncertainty, an inescapable condition of modern life.
But the inescapable fact is that teaching is a highly contextual and increasingly constrained activity.
They may vote yes anyway, cowed by your inescapable brilliance, but they will punish you for putting them in that position.
There's one problem though: small but inescapable variations in the manufacturing process inevitably change the resonances.
Were there physical inconsistencies as you demand, inescapable contradictions in number theory and even arithmetic arise.
Worse, this is reduced by a sizeable fraction due to the inescapable energy costs of fertilizer and transport.
Yet this inescapable lack of trustworthiness-perhaps surprisingly-is not all bad.
As in such dismal banana republics, the dreary, sinister thing is that the official propaganda is inescapable.
The pattern is inescapable: she takes disagreements personally, and swiftly deals vengeance on enemies, real or perceived.
The impression of growing stress across much of the world economy is nonetheless inescapable.
Beyond such differences in legal cultures, one fact is inescapable.
Bribery are common place,frequent, and inescapable during interactions with anything government.
Some of which lauded it as a means of escaping otherwise inescapable poverty.
But the looming dark clouds over the region are inescapable.
Wind and solar sources have inescapable reliability issues.
No doubt that the question of population size and growth is inescapable.
We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.
But the coverage quickly took on a lurid and hysterical cast, and became all but inescapable.
The roads are inescapable evidence of the fall in the country's fortunes during the seventeen-year socialist era.
The river is diseased, and the stench of sewage is inescapable.
Our near absolute dominion over nature has, however, confronted us with one brilliant and ironic and inescapable insight.
Everything comes together in an inescapable conclusion.
These quandaries are inescapable in a large democracy, especially one that is a global hegemon.
Corporate sponsorship in the rock world has become inescapable.
Again, the implications regarding smallpox were inescapable.
Any way one looks at it, the arithmetic is cruel and inescapable.
But it is the inescapable conclusion from everything science has learned about the world.
And the link from one paragraph to another must be obvious and inescapable.
But one inescapable requirement is a scientific approach to the study of society's development.
The result was an inescapable launch configuration and a reliance on the ship's design abrogating the need for an escape system.
As a practical matter, you have to pretend that isn't true in your day to day life, but moral relativism is inescapable.
It seems to me inescapable that science is based on the faith that nature is not constructed in that way.
But it's inescapable in discussing things on an abstract level.
Real estate is an ongoing turnoff, but the new buzz is even more boring and more inescapable.
But, as that paper argued, going with what you know isn't inescapable.
For a long time her views on everything seemed inescapable.
Many of the basic principles of fascism were an inescapable hindrance to development.
The similarity of all this with what is happening today is inescapable.
Yet the uncertainty of everyday life is inescapable.
Besides, at some points in its range, kitsch is an inescapable human necessity.
His inescapable eye and his ever-present ear are watching, listening.
Noise inescapable in some flagship national parks.
Noticing the approach of winter is inescapable here.
For the mid-century artist of any kind, the city was inescapable.
The tension between security and commerce is inescapable.
Both have their advantages and their limits, and some level of anthropomorphism is likely inescapable.
Even for a surgeon, the sense of violation is inescapable.

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