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Inadequate resources, poor coordination, and bureaucratic inertia or a failure to heed warnings can have tragic consequences.
He had introduced the notion of inertia, and the concept of acceleration as a change in velocity.
Be this a difference of inertia, of bulk or of form, matters not to the argument-Spencer.
Some of this may be the result of simple inertia, but our hesitancy to change is also driven by our aversion to loss.
Any academic practice that rests largely on inertia is one that's ripe for hacking.
Engine has to cross this zone only by means of inertia of the over all system.
In fact, the inertia of county officials is responsible for their failure to adopt the new system in obedience to the law.
But by this time a kind of momentum had built up, and the inertia of exposure could not be restrained.
The same is true of my torso, with the result that backache from inertia and pressure is a chronic irritation.
But the inertia of ice sheets is not our ally against the effects of global warming.
Possibly, and perhaps compounded by the mental inertia that can lull pilots in flight.
But we've also run into the same political gridlock and inertia that's held us back for decades.
The array of financial incentives, political interests, and bureaucratic inertia arrayed against it are staggering.
Mouse trap cars teach elasticity, inertia and automotive propulsion in its simplest form.
But the city is defined as much by its inertia as by its energy.
Populations can rise while fertility declines because of inertia, which matters a lot in demography.
Besides bureaucratic incompetence and inertia, there are three main reasons for this inaction.
Indolence and inertia is a problem only with the officials administering the payments, not the workers receiving them.
Partly, put it down to inertia-no compelling reason to terminate them.
The second was the curious inertia of the government.
Valley folk insist that such collective inertia could never overcome them.
The effects of inertia and conservatism have to be reckoned with.
They also reckon that inertia, for instance in reserve diversification, could benefit the dollar for several decades.
Anyway, there's a whole lot of cultural inertia to be overcome there.
It has a lot of inertia to overcome, but the approach seems sound.
Inertia has kept the expansion going to the present day.
The result is decreasing inertia and increasing gravity.
When the tongue leaves the liquid, adhesion pulls fluid with it from the surface, and inertia causes more liquid to follow.
Inertia, momentum, vectors and parabolas are as much a part of the game as helmets and huddles.
Glaciers and the polar ice are still melting due to the inertia in the system.
Don't expect the types that go to these meetings to admit that though, there's a lot of inertia behind this movement.
We already have anti-gravity spacecraft with inertia dampening technology.
Inertia is enough in perfectly vacuum space but solar wind provides drag.
Apparently, these descriptors lack the requisite urgency to overcome social inertia and political obfuscation.
It works with the latent inertia and would do so much good for those on the lists.
It also has flywheels to generate the inertia needed to get the load off the rack.
The inertia of the torus to propagate is its dark energy.
But such an undertaking would have to overcome a lot of inertia in the world of cancer research.
Even one or two consequent duds would not cause a failure because the inertia of the ship is so high.
But it is also a government agency, capable of incredible inertia and groupthink.
But because the pendulum is suspended in midair by a spring, its inertia makes it lag behind the shaking drum.
Their inertia would send them in a straight line out into space.
After the heat shield disconnected it went further by its inertia, and the lander slowed down because of the parachute.
My inertia was only overcome with that soggy late-winter wakeup call.
In the loop-the-loop upside down design, it's inertia that keeps you in your seat.
Rotational inertia is an objects resistance to having its rotational velocity changed.

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