ineluctable in a sentence

Example sentences for ineluctable

The first is simply the ever-changing, ineluctable tissue of songs that are popular.
The cradle advises, however, that this will ultimately fail through the ineluctable exigencies of demography.
Fact is that electronic social integration is ineluctable.
The grace of a moving animal, in some ineluctable way, kindles still in us a sense of imitation.
We then no longer require the presence of the gods and oracles in order to understand the ineluctable power of fate.
It also signifies the convergence of two ineluctable restaurant trends.
It is only with hindsight that these developments seem ineluctable.
And his poems were easy to memorize, with their ineluctable meters and never-failing rhymes.
Chance seemed to be an ineluctable element of the quantum world.
The crucial point is that the activity of thinking provides an intense and ineluctable experience of plurality.
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