inelegant in a sentence

Example sentences for inelegant

Our technique was inelegant, with comic decelerations and skids along the hot desert floor.
But he recognises that controls on inflows, though inelegant, may be necessary at times.
Gauss never published the idea, perhaps because he found it inelegant.
The screenplay is inelegant but lively, and the direction gives the material a wicked edge.
In his fantasies, they answer in the same inelegant jargon, having become grotesque echoes of himself.
It is in vain to tell them that this dodging process is an inelegant provincialism.

Famous quotes containing the word inelegant

In private life he was good-natured, chearful, social; inelegant in his manners, loose in his morals. He ha... more
I find it extraordinary that a straightforward if inelegant device for ensuring the survival of the species... more
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