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But innovation is horribly wasteful and inefficient.
It's shockingly wasteful and inefficient, but effective.
Proponents might argue that organizing garbage collection on a ward-by-ward basis is inefficient and wasteful.
But in both cases they're products of an inefficient and unfair system.
But thanks to rigid labour laws, it is fragmented and inefficient.
But this is inefficient and requires large amounts of power.
The first thing to understand is that our energy system is highly inefficient.
Elephants also prove to be extremely inefficient while running.
The state almost everywhere is big, inefficient and broke.
They claimed the turbojet engine would be too heavy and fuel inefficient.
Photovoltaic cells remain woefully inefficient at converting sunlight into electricity.
These tea drinkers start each day with the kettle, but using a gas burner to heat water is slow and inefficient.
Inefficient distribution of food and inequities in income leave many without enough to eat.
As the article notes, doing so would be horribly inefficient.
Stamping out utility is holding on to practices that are inefficient in the short term.
Consider our system of representative government: it is designed to be complicated and inefficient.
Sometimes your energy use is the result of an inefficient building.
The grid is an inefficient system of energy delivery.
Collectors were the first to come because collectibles is also an inefficient market.
It would be inefficient not to subsidize colleges and their students.
But some of the materials and catalysts have turned out to be unstable and inefficient in the laboratory.
The rest is lost to evaporation or sinks into the ground due to leaks in inefficient systems.
It works, but it's inefficient because the fan is connected to the engine and turns at the same speed as the turbine.
Today, however, much giving remains impulsive and inefficient.
It exchanges information in a manner that is primitive and inefficient but remarkably different from the others.
Other, smaller fish can be harder to catch, making them an inefficient source of nourishment.
These methods are not only an inefficient way for an athlete to cool down, but they can actually be quite dangerous.
From an evolutionary point of view, loops seem inefficient because of the redundancy inherent in a looped network.
And so far, fuel-cell engines are an inefficient use of electricity.
Its extremely inefficient and would require vast amounts of unsustainable copper.
Both sectors are notoriously inefficient in their use of capital and are weak in creating shareholder value, he added.
There's a beauty in complexity that is often dismissed as inefficient or inconvenient.
Although forceful, the effort has also been piecemeal and inefficient.
It underscores an already familiar point: inefficient art can make you feel tired.
Previously, this was known to be technically possible, but the process was hopelessly inefficient.
Having six limbs instead of four would be too costly and inefficient sacrificing brain power that is needed for intelligence.
The airline has been criticized frequently for delays and inefficient service.
The fundamental reason why health care is so expensive and inefficient is it is driven by fear.
Remove articles that make the government inefficient.
But when you get an inside look, it's easy to see how inefficient big business really is.
But copying every file a hundred times is hugely inefficient.
There, he closed inefficient factories, concentrating production where returns were best.
So far, a handful of emerging-market firms have defied the conventional wisdom that conglomerates are inherently inefficient.
Self-sufficiency is inefficient and shallow markets are more volatile than deep ones.
It is more than an engineering job, efficient or inefficient.
Rising inequality isn't only morally repugnant, he said, it is economically inefficient and damaging to the country.
First, the notion that government is fundamentally inefficient and unproductive has become conventional wisdom.
To make sure that you are not using inefficient lights, replace all of your light bulbs with energy efficient models.
Inefficient garbage collection systems contribute to land pollution.
Loving your kids might be inefficient, but it is not bad.
Teaching and learning are inefficient and time consuming and difficult to measure.
Only one image struck me as absurd: an inefficient stairway shelving system with a bosun's chair that you hoist with a chain.
Droning professors in lecture halls is a tired and inefficient model for imparting knowledge, no matter how learned the orator.
Besides being potentially illegal, practices inconsistent with gender equality are often inefficient as well.
Education may be inherently costly and inefficient, from a corporate perspective.
How they interact with the government in terms of taxes and how they go about reporting revenue is difficult and inefficient.
The downside is that it is really confusing and inefficient.
The tax system is unfair and inefficient, and fails to generate enough revenue to cover government expenditures.
In doing so, they might be making these industries more inefficient.
Calling, it turns out, is an inefficient way of communicating some messages.
It took centuries for the leading governments to decide that everyone was better off if they dropped the inefficient protections.
As it turns out, the traditional hiring process is also extremely inefficient.
In response, small operators scrambled to build small, inefficient furnaces.
Some communities will suffer, as dying industries and inefficient producers go down, but other communities will rise.
Some policies could be ineffective, inefficient and expensive.
The smart outsider who simply refuses to tolerate the old inefficient ways does sometimes succeed.
Many economists and foreign governments decried the provision as inefficient and jingoistic.
But the more striking fact is how unpleasant and inefficient the experience can be when nothing in particular has gone wrong.
Today's lobster trap is a remarkably inefficient tool for catching lobsters.
Poor blacks are on the receiving end of white vigilantism and cursory, rough, inefficient treatment in the court system.
So the days of the bloated, inefficient, state-sponsored airlines are numbered.
Wasting time and being inefficient are the way to discovery.
As airports grew busier and airplanes started flying higher and faster, that architecture became increasingly inefficient.
Thus, one-to-one swapping online is inherently inefficient.
To resolve this question by reference to one's highest purpose would be inefficient.
But the production of beef is incredibly inefficient and resource-intensive.
Meanwhile, an overstressed and inefficient national electrical grid can't accommodate new kinds of power.
First, they point to the mail delivery business, which still appears woefully inefficient.
Current subsidies for electric vehicles are an inefficient means of abating climate change.
And consumer culture had not yet taken off, hindered by low disposable incomes and an inefficient, state-run retail system.
Much spending was inefficient, and involved corruption.
The country's tax system is inefficient, and tax evasion is high.
The firms insist that removing experienced audit firms from their clients would be inefficient and expensive.
It plans to continue shutting down inefficient ones while improving those that are large, clean and safe.
The evidence for charities, social enterprises and mutuals alone filling gaps left by the inefficient state is scanty.
Some of the increase can be blamed on the shift of crops from food to fuel, prompted by wildly inefficient subsidies.
It accepted that children might discover only trivial ideas and inefficient methods if left entirely to their own devices.
They are far too small to negotiate good deals with their wholesalers, who are themselves a pretty inefficient bunch.
Cap and trade is vastly inefficient and subject to fraud.
The people have to do it through the inefficient channels of government.
That's because they're inefficient: wasting electricity as heat as well as feeding the battery.
Currently much of the power generated is lost through extremely inefficient long distance transmission facilities.
Urban travel is slow and inefficient, in part because drivers act in self-interested ways.
Photosynthesis cannot be that inefficient, as it is the best method that billions of years of evolution has come up with.
We're breeding them to feed humans, but the process is inherently grossly inefficient.
Another inefficient silly idea that has zero benefit.
Up until now, while solar energy has been abundant, the systems to capture it have been expensive and inefficient.
Conventional incandescent light bulbs are tremendously inefficient.
One of the panda's curious adaptations is its remarkably inefficient diet.
It makes sense that we'd be left with inefficient eyes and useless organs if they didn't prevent us from reproducing.
The process resembles an inefficient engine producing more smoke.
Scrap them because their engines are obsolete and inefficient and more polluting than modern ships.
Administrations and campus bureaucracies can be bloated and inefficient.
Of coarse this would be disproportionally inefficient, in both hardware and power.
The cost of subsidizing inefficient solar and wind will skyrocket when the price of gas falls.
Boosters are large and impressive largely because they are inefficient.
The response to your query is that you are adding an extra, inefficient, step for no reason.
Inquiry-based learning has its place, but an education based solely on that would be way too inefficient.
Sending astronauts to the moon is a highly inefficient process compared to sending rovers and other machines to the moon.
Polymer solar cells are inefficient compared to silicon solar cells, but they are much cheaper to make.
Dye-sensitized solar cells are flexible and cheap to make, but they tend to be inefficient at converting light into electricity.
But fuel-cell materials are expensive, and fuel cells that consume methanol are inefficient.
So far, however, they have been too inefficient and expensive to be widely used.
Incandescent bulbs offer warm, but inefficient, illumination.
Traditional solar cells respond only to a narrow spectrum of sunlight, making them highly inefficient.
They are horribly inefficient at low power settings.
While the project is interesting, also as a social networking application, it seems inefficient and expensive.
The machine's pump makes up the difference, forcing blood through these inefficient sieves.
Other researchers have only been able to make single layers that are too thin--and much too inefficient--for device applications.
There is no way around it: growing sugar cane is an absurdly inefficient use of resources.
Biofuels are a horribly inefficient way to produce energy, and throwing more land into the mix doesn't do enough to offset that.
While this step is inefficient by itself, it allows the system efficiency to be higher.
Carrying electricity for fuel in batteries is inefficient anyway.
Much of that results from outdated, inefficient light sources in homes, offices and parking lots.
Our inefficient, dangerously unstable electrical grid will need to be overhauled.
There are inefficient workers in every single profession.
As a result, many workers are underused or inefficient, he wrote.
It's a leak in the form of wasted energy from inefficient appliances, poor insulation and bad design.
In general, they're inefficient shoppers who struggle to knock off each item on a grocery list, which leads to missed sales.
She didn't seem to make the connection between higher taxes and inefficient government.
Although still widely in use today, high-pressure spray irrigation system can be quite inefficient.
Smaller units with high efficiency generate as much heating or cooling benefit as large, inefficient ones.
Inefficient nutrient use in animal operations--from livestock farms to fish farms--is financially and environmentally costly.
Energy-efficient lighting systems emit less heat into conditioned space than older inefficient technology.

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