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Barriers to progress are high population growth, electricity shortages, and inefficiency in key sectors.
Again, he committed the error of insisting that literary inefficiency must be accompanied by moral degradation.
Right now, this inefficiency benefits well-off students who have the financial and social capital to work the admissions system.
Teachers acknowledge that part of the inefficiency is that the kids are spread so thin.
What this kind of austerity has bred is ethical callousness and inefficiency.
Some of this is inefficiency, but much is a sign of people having lives and building connections, and should be encouraged.
All face the same problem as hydroelectric, plus the additional problem of inefficiency and lack of energy storage.
In a weird way, the inefficiency of gift giving might be good for a weak economy.
For ten years the nation has been sick with debt, cynicism, and inefficiency.
The affair was dallied with, and inefficiency and dilatoriness prevailed everywhere.
One source of inefficiency in these displays is the backlight itself.
Inverter technology based on capacitors and transformers are known for their lack of reliability, inefficiency, and short lives.
Another problem is the sheer inefficiency of how the government distributes it's cash.
Too bad the medical industry has a vested interest in inefficiency.
The idea that cities grew as a center of wasteful inefficiency is clearly ridiculous.
Reliance on paper records contributes to slowness and inefficiency.
Violence and aggressive in a society is due to inefficiency of economic and social of system.
Below a certain level of precision the inefficiency of the gearing would make the whole thing inoperable.
If nature behaved in this way then it is working according to the principle of maximum inefficiency.
Because there is more money in inefficiency especially when supported by taxpayer money.
It also costs our country a solid chunk of change each year in travel inefficiency.
For example, it predicts both inefficiency and superb efficiency.
The so-called inefficiency of light bulbs makes them good heaters and reduces the need for other sources of heat.
Hydrogen is a quantum leap past hybrid in terms of inefficiency and makes zero in the sense department.
Having a hole that big talks of inefficiency when only small firewood is available.
They cost several times more than any other power source and because of their great inefficiency they cannot clean the air.
There's the possibility that they actually hastened the ship's demise because of their inefficiency.
As the age difference between giver and recipient grew, so did the inefficiency.
Right-wing economists will write about the inefficiency of government interventions.
Observers fear that the current retailing boom is masking the industry's overcapacity, inefficiency and high costs.
The customs system has three main problems: inefficiency, tax evasion and outright corruption.
Inefficiency, not excess, is what is now prompting belated efforts at reform.
In the long run, being shielded from takeover breeds inefficiency.
Consumers of many basic services, from finance to fitness, routinely encounter inefficiency and inconvenience.
The result has been inefficiency, financial losses and forgone consumer benefits.
The last part is the hardest: what is the appropriate balance between the desire to equate and inefficiency that it induces.
But everywhere corruption and inefficiency undermine implementation of the law.
The upper economic strata dull the stimulation by drinking plenty of scotch whiskey, which also leads to inefficiency at work.
For a start, fishing subsidies should be abolished in an industry characterised by overcapacity and inefficiency.
But the inefficiency of capital markets is only one of the reasons for diversification.
If rivals stumble or fail, that may be down to their own inefficiency or poor products, and not because they were preyed upon.
Cross-shareholdings have ensured that capital was allocated with extraordinary inefficiency.
It's interesting that you are arguing that government inefficiency in one area is responsible for efficiency in another area.
Throughout the manufacturing process, energy is lost due to equipment inefficiency and mechanical and thermal limitations.

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