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Example sentences for ineffectual

Such examples of ineffectual commitments on the part of the food industry abound.
But since the first method is often ineffectual, it becomes necessary to resort to the second.
She was not exactly pleased to have been dragged in by her owners at the end of her mostly ineffectual retractable leash.
It fuses ineffectual elements of discontent into a program that can pack quite a wallop.
It has been criticized as ineffectual because it has no power to compel the department to provide information.
Address obstacles to the adoption of technology such as ineffectual policies and regulations.
Addressing obstacles to the adoption of technology, such as ineffectual policies and regulations.
Focuses on societal changes, appropriate responses to these changes, and examples of ineffectual punishment.
The needs are too urgent and resources too scarce to simply continue or expand today's inefficient and ineffectual arrangements.

Famous quotes containing the word ineffectual

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