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One way to get a grip on this seemingly ineffable property would be to build a conscious machine.
She is a supremely lucid and sublimely beguiling poet, as accessible as she is ineffable.
There may indeed be cases where all of the disvalues of suicide can be outweighed by ineffable pain and aloneness.
The ineffable sensation of freedom remains vivid decades later.
In that mystery lurks the world's ineffable potential for good.
Or perhaps there is something more ineffable at work.
The gift of being able to witness that transformation is ineffable.
The hearing of those wild notes always depressed my spirit, and filled me with ineffable sadness.
The training, learning and expertise you can get from the people who built, operated and used this machine is ineffable.
Many regard it as a metaphysical system of mindless rule-following, grounded on an ineffable moral command.
For those that did, the carnage in the sunken road was ineffable.
The ineffable grandness of the scene terrified him and enraptured him.
It's ineffable to describe the flood of emotions that engulf my body.
The thoughtful mind must contemplate with feelings of awe mans relations with the ineffable mystery residing behind phenomena.

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The rapturous, wild, and ineffable pleasure Of drinking at somebody else's expense.... more
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