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All those circles around the pots and acting as a decorative mulch are pressure gaskets and seals from industry machinery.
The presses will run to industry-standard inking levels.
As stores close, the industry loses much more than a retail outlet.
They are the servants of the public, and are maintained by a part of the annual produce of the industry of other people.
Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry all easy.
Overstocking is the great danger threatening the stock-raising industry on the plains.
We need to realize in the shipping industry they can be pirates.
Meat processing is an industry that has brought the world to small, rural communities.
Many were highly skilled machine operators in the textile industry.
Along with their artisan appeal, the availability of bamboo makes these bikes an ideal cottage industry for the developing world.
Filmmakers and studios gravitated toward bigger and longer movies, but short films remained an important part of the industry.
The tourist industry is also booming, resulting in new construction and an increasing human population.
Academic scientists and clinicians need a place at the table with government and industry scientists.
The tobacco industry has known for decades how to remove a dangerous isotope from cigarettes but has done nothing about it.
As blockbuster drugs go off patent, the pharmaceutical industry is scrambling for fresh revenue sources.
Imagine being present at the birth of a new industry.
It was the well-entrenched and subsidized fossil fuel industry that directed our energy policy and still does.
But opening up the shelf may be the only way a viable offshore wind industry can develop in this country.
Another provision in the bill will expose relationships between physician researchers and the medical industry.
The aquarium fish industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year worldwide and is growing rapidly.
Discover facts about cannabis and the medical marijuana industry.
It's all part of a new energy industry that's being built here.
The shale gas industry maintains that its safeguards protect drinking water and land.
Motor oil industry giants have taken notice and begun tapping into the re-refined market.
In some places the rusty ships remain, grim reminders of how quickly the industry dissolved.
Space-industry belt-tightening and ever shrinking technology are combining to give tiny satellites a big future, scientists say.
Exhaust and emissions from transportation and industry have fundamentally changed our atmosphere.
For people outside the industry, such rigorous product-testing might sound over the top for a potted plant.
The shale gas industry maintains that it protects drinking water and land.
In typically secretive industry fashion, the existence of the project itself is being kept under wraps.
To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content.
There are other theories, though, that piracy isn't the sole reason for losses in the movie industry.
The fact that an increasing number of medications are unable to beat sugar pills has thrown the industry into crisis.
Instead, it is part of a surprising wavelet of innovation in an industry largely dismissed by venture capital: automobiles.
The solar industry is in a period of rapid flux right now.
The airline industry is one of those that seems to always be treading water.
The industry continues to suffer and remains a drag on the rest of the economy.
Here's what economics can teach us about fitness and the fitness industry.
The machines of industry would be refitted with cleaner, faster, quieter engines.
As financial industry mergers heat up, layoffs will inevitably follow.
Big picture, the tablet industry is set to explode this year and next, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.
It seems unlikely that industry will do so voluntarily-there is simply too much money at stake.
Within ten years, they had built an inventory software system that was the envy of the industry.
All of which makes the industry unusually vulnerable to the credit squeeze.
The restaurant industry has always attracted renegades, outsiders, and creative types.
She knows how things work, and she knows where power lies in the food industry.
The producers must adhere to humane-treatment standards that are stronger than those in the cattle-industry guidelines.
Lots of people attribute milk chocolate's ubiquity to the proximity of a robust dairy-cow industry.
In the decades since, copying has remained ubiquitous in the fashion industry.
We're forever blaming the airline industry for turning us into monsters.
These tactics are not going to improve the credit-card industry's dismal reputation.
Then, inconveniently for the world but conveniently for the nuclear-power industry, a new truth intruded.
The area's fishing industry was shut down, and pictures of blackened beaches filled the news.
For cover designs, they subscribe to fashion-industry color reports.
If the taxi industry really wants more drivers, it should offer better wages, which means that it should cut its lease rates.
His integration of high-end manufacture with a higher purpose is widely admired among his colleagues in the fashion industry.
From this unlikely marriage-the computer lab and the carnival-the video-game industry was born.
The technology is evolving rapidly, but so far there is no evidence of a captain-of-industry gene.
The global livestock industry is responsible for nearly twenty per cent of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions.
The film consists mainly of interviews with motivational speakers and teachers-emissaries from the law-of-attraction industry.
Livestock are fed nearly twenty-eight million pounds, according to the drug industry.
The insurance industry's weather simulator is more awesome than your weather simulator.
The public will be a lot more supportive if they see a credible industry working away and generating good things for society.
The manufacturers fought that, calling it a scare tactic, and the government backed the industry.
In industry they aren't enough researchers on a project or in an area for there to be much specialization.
The industry will introduce its own two-stroke direct-injection alternatives this year.
Nevertheless, the report does contradict what has emerged as a kind of mantra in the industry and in the government.
These people provided the experience necessary to build the aviation industry.
Once the pharmaceutical industry created a synthetic version of human leptin, clinical trials were begun.
It's in areas that are under huge pressure from the oil industry and others.
They also interview environmentalists, scientists, and oil and gas industry experts throughout the movie.
Brewing and ethanol industry scientists have been developing highly flocculating yeast stains for many years.
The local fishing industry that once busied its wharves died off after the war.
Long before the current economic meltdown, fashion-industry insiders were bargain hunters.
If anyone should be able to appreciate the necessity of a good promotional gimmick, it's the entertainment industry.
He is a tortoise in an industry better known for its hares.
It's the operating economic principle of a chaotic industry whose core product is incapable of being conveniently standardized.
Indeed, all these myriad little extra fees now account for more than half of the industry's profits.
At the same time, the industry's travails are serving as a stimulus.
Indeed, those who ask how the movie industry can possibly make sense are asking the wrong question.
But they are expensive and the nuclear industry is resisting them.
Maybe the fossil fuel industry is simply too powerful.
The biofuels industry is being blamed for record food prices and high price volatility.
But as bandwidth demand soars for applications such as streaming video, the wireless industry is having trouble delivering.
Similarly, the solar industry continued to grow last year.
At first glance, the vital signs of the music industry don't look so good.
Experts have long been predicting a winnowing of the solar industry.
The industry stopped planning and building new reactors for decades, but interest has lately revived.
Reverse engineering hardware is a time-honored tradition, made famous in the early days of the semiconductor industry.
In the pharmaceutical industry, universities appear to have found a partner willing and able to buy big chunks of their research.
Leadership experience in industry or as an academic chair is a plus.
The actions of the attorneys general have also, not surprisingly, caught the attention of the for-profit college industry.
Finally, don't ignore relationships with industry, even if you are set on an academic career.
There was also a close connection between college major and industry.
Calculators and software to help industry plant managers evaluate energy efficient technologies.
The natural gas industry is a complex network of companies that produce, transport, and distribute natural gas.
Our global economy could not function without the oil and gas industry enabling it to extract and refine petroleum.
Each guide in this section details information specific to an industry.
For the oil industry, for a long time, there was almost no such thing as too deep.
The fleet owners' energy problem is being solved not by the energy industry, but by the automotive industry.

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