industriousness in a sentence

Example sentences for industriousness

Norms such as diligence, industriousness, and interest in knowledge are not recognized.
If it was for work then she should be commended for her industriousness and dedication.
They were taught that honest labor, fair play, and industriousness were virtues.
He was known more for his industriousness and his difficulty in meeting deadlines than for the grace of his writing.
The interviewer is seeking industriousness, creativity, caring about the organization and its success.
Manual training was a way of teaching children industriousness, and clearing up their character problems.
It was her industriousness and her capacity for sympathy that drew me to her.
White's industriousness and willingness to innovate were important factors in his accomplishment.
Such industriousness would be laudable if it were voluntary.

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Industriousness and conscientiousness are often at odds, because industriousness wants to pick the still so... more
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