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Senior professors continue their inquiries, making their departments consistently relevant and industrious research centers.
My students have been smart, mature, and industrious and it's been a pleasure to help them learn.
Even metal racks aren't immune to the industrious thief.
People who aren't as honest or industrious as some will see the blocks as instant income with little effort.
The current idea of a global village as a place of universal harmony and industrious basket-weaving is a tourist's fantasy.
By her own description, she was industrious, stuffing envelopes with marketing fliers and rubber-stamping the return envelopes.
With all due respect, you are equating the industrious citizen with the bank robber.
There were some writers of historical poems, some annalists, many industrious antiquaries.
The goddess of fortune dwells in the feet of the industrious.
They are industrious, basically honest and law biding, and want a better life than they were born into.
Once children come along, it's easy for parents to regard each other as co-presidents of an industrious little corporation.
Some industrious novelists never learn how to write good fiction.
Cox had a rather uneventful, steadily industrious life.
But he is not inventive as a comedian and neither are his obviously dedicated and industrious colleagues.
So he did what any industrious college student would do in that situation.
It doesn't matter if you are a profligate spender or an industrious saver.
He then, always an industrious critic and essayist, quite turned from the disguises and shifts of fiction.
When you understand how these industrious social insects operate, you'll be able to keep them under control.
River dynamics and industrious humans provide excitement and challenge to the tale.
The bustle and energy of an industrious community at the margins of the empire comes through in the objects and images.
These displays demonstrate the industrious and busy life of a plant, representing what happens during photosynthesis and beyond.
Swamp settlers were self-sufficient and industrious people and used many of the plants growing in the area.

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