industrialize in a sentence

Example sentences for industrialize

More countries are building infrastructure and as countries industrialize the population growth rate drops.
Our society today will be the first society to reverse modernization and de-industrialize western democracies.
By helping developing countries get clean, cheap nuclear power, they get the energy to industrialize.
The same folks who want to de-industrialize today, wanted to do the same way back when.
Companies are coming in to consolidate the land and industrialize sugarcane.
The goal of the rest is o industrialize without westernizing.
The situation is now changing as developing nations industrialize at a much faster pace.
Still, the solar farms will industrialize the desert on an unparalleled scale.
Moreover, new producers are emerging as developing countries industrialize.
Greenville residents persevered and rebuilt, and the city continued to grow and industrialize.
Efforts to industrialize and diversify the economy had also largely failed.
And you can't trade if there is no production, nor industrialize if there is no trade.
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