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His emphasis on industrialization is less contentious than his reference to the making of that revolution.
The inevitable cost of industrialization and trying to pursue a materialistic capitalist dream.
Industrialization around the world has increased the global demand for rubber.
Although the benefits of such industrialization were lower prices and better products, the cost was homogeneity.
Rapid economic growth and industrialization have caused unacceptably high levels of pollution.
Building one more unsaleable condo is not the same as true industrialization.
And there is no question that industrialization has polluted our surroundings.
The industrialization of food transformed how grain and meat were cultivated, and ultimately consumed.
Industrialization and modern transportation have amplified the problem.
For many, industrialization did bring economic help.
It's interesting how closely related environmental policies and regulations are intertwined with industrialization.
Clearly, there was no evil human industrialization back then.
The tariffs escalate as the level of processing increases, discouraging industrialization in the poor countries.
Sadly, their record at transforming this kind of income into modernization and industrialization has so far been dismal.
And your malarky of change isn't about the environment but more about your ignorance industrialization.
The beginning of industrialization is usually much less than ideal.
We have got all this stuff because of our industrialization and here, we're-the upshot is, things are getting warmer.
The industrialization of gossip has made it hopeless to preserve privacy by policing the commercial media.
Both countries used access to create demand to fuel their industrialization.
Cloning will only intensify the process of industrialization of humanity.
Wars, depressions, industrialization required action.
Exports have provided the primary impetus for industrialization.
Blackouts roll and factory lights flicker, the grid sucked dry by a decade of breakneck industrialization.
With the onset of industrialization, the tables turned.
The goal of the west is to use industrialization as a mechanism for westernization.
Industrialization, he argues, is the primary cause of our depopulated farms and rural towns.
Less of course at first, and more as industrialization progressed.
But figure there must be some info missing on cost and industrialization in this article.
Central to his vision were a modern military and rapid industrialization.
Increased industrialization had an impact on our sleep.
The industrialization of the restaurant kitchen has enabled the fast food chains to rely upon a low-paid and unskilled workforce.
They marshaled the country into rapid industrialization.
With industrialization and population growth, greenhouse gas emissions from human activities have consistently increased.
The business of agriculture is changing rapidly in a process many refer to as the industrialization of agriculture.

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