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Example sentences for industrial design

Biomimetics is the concept of industrial design and engineering mimicking characteristics found in nature.
Its rusting, dull-red curves are those of an earlier era in industrial design.
After that is high-level industrial design-the conceiving of how the product will look and work.
After that is high-level industrial design--the conceiving of how the product will look and work.
Industrial ecologists use that thrift as an inspiration for industrial design.
He espouses a tremendously attractive belief that good industrial design wins customers' trust by disappearing.
Apple, with its flair for inspiring industrial design but minuscule market share, decided that looks could matter.
My moment with the fork made me remember a basic principle of industrial design: how it feels.
Computer-aided industrial design shortens development cycles for automobiles, electronics and other products.
Both have leaned heavily on slick industrial design.
His harsher critics treat him as a vulgar showman who does not care about art or even fine industrial design, merely success.
Most aesthetically and historically significant examples of industrial design have been average or small cars.
The back, too, shows some stylistic creativity in the industrial design department.
Despite the close affinity between art, fashion and industrial design, they tend to be treated as different disciplines.
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