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When too many companies outsource their manufacturing, the industrial ecosystem can suffer long-term consequences.
Third, universities have begun to experiment with much closer forms of industrial affiliation.
Industrial production in the rich world collapsed during the crisis.
Wrenching environmental problems are plaguing the world's newest industrial powerhouse.
And neither does it record the use of synthetic pesticides on individual industrial farms.
Only the grit was useful, mostly for industrial applications such as dental drills and hacksaw blades.
Take one pizza, place on an industrial laser line cutter and stand back.
Demand for industrial salt is steady and predictable.
Created from a onetime industrial area, the park features a small wetland and a historic carousel.
Unfortunately, this sudden conversion to the merits of an industrial economy was mistimed.
As they move over urban centers they pick up particles from industrial pollution.
Small particles are commonplace in industrial processes, and charging is a perennial problem.
GE plans to sell its consumer and industrial division.
Nothing, however, has precipitated the water crisis more than three decades of breakneck industrial growth.
In industrial ecology, they look at industry as an ecosystem of sorts.
Tell us what you think of these shining examples of industrial design gone awry.
Biomimetics is the concept of industrial design and engineering mimicking characteristics found in nature.
Fact: renewable energy has made leaps in economic feasibility as a source for both consumer and industrial use.
But the great turtle is no match for industrial fishing fleets.
Today, garnets are used primarily for industrial sanding purposes rather than gemstones.
Exhibits on the area's rich industrial and domestic history are featured throughout the building.
But there have been accidents, and mistrust has been sown as the industrial process has moved into rural communities.
The worries about slowing growth mainly concern the industrial businesses.
And third, it will bar industrial companies from owning financial subsidiaries.
As industrial processes developed, so the pollution worsened.
Later, as deputy chairman for petrochemicals, he tackled sour industrial relations and disjointed management at the plant.
One industrial designer thinks he's found a solution: a better, safer helmet.
When it has been set up, the fund will focus on infrastructure projects in the transport, power and industrial sectors.
The spatial patterns of industrial labor systems have changed over time.
It achieved total design unity in combination with a high-volume industrial process.
Consider basic questions such as whether your country is primarily agricultural or industrial.
Computer viruses have taken out hardened industrial control systems.
The city has a miasmic, sweetly offensive odor impregnable to the monsoon or to the daily industrial pollution.
Your challenge is to turn your burnt-out industrial hometown into a thriving, sustainable community.
Industrial cutting laser in a fingertip for workers.
The rusted steel firebox and back panel add an industrial-chic edge to the garden.
Turn salvaged materials into veggie garden containers with industrial-modern style.
Is it time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden.
Not only this, but the opportunity here afforded will awaken among us a new era of industrial progress.
Two books give unforgettable pictures of the efforts of the planters to meet the new industrial situation.
Sugar processing makes up one-third of industrial activity but is not efficient.
The country is suffering from industrial disturbances from which speedy relief must be had.
In the third paragraph she provides a more detailed overview of her research, including her industrial experience.
The university is downtown, amid old industrial buildings and highways.
My experience with brainstorming has been in academic and industrial settings.
Wastewater is increasingly being purified for drinking, industrial and agricultural purposes.
Unlike gold, silver also has myriad industrial uses.
Civil engineers usually work near major industrial and commercial centers, often at construction sites.
Consider the farm-fresh egg, the pristine symbol of the simple days of pre-industrial farming.
The industrial slowdown is welcome evidence that these measures are working.
Many of them could resist the suction of even our industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.
Wetlands are dredged and filled in to accommodate urban, industrial, and agricultural development.
Nitrous oxide is a common emission from industrial factories, agriculture, and the burning of fossil fuels in cars.
Look for the interpretive signs that explain how the city turned its industrial riverfront into a clean, green playground.
No one knows precisely how many people live in isolation from the industrial-technological world.
For example, neither exotic plants entering our communities nor polluted air from industrial areas observe borders.
The pungent element is mined near the crater's highly acidic lake for such industrial uses as rubber and sugar processing.
The booming economy means that work moves fast, and new industrial districts rise in distinct stages.
Public treatment plants use biological methods of treatment, whereas industrial wastes require specific chemical treatment.
These are industrial chemicals that are being pumped into the public domain.
They will never take over all our jobs, only the basic one any was eg agriculture and industrial produce.
Advances in technology, efficiency and reuse of scrap industrial material also decreased energy use in key sectors.
And right now it's the fight over pollution from industrial and commercial boilers that is coming to a boil.
No one blinked at these acts of industrial espionage.
Chocolate making is much more industrial than you'd imagine.
My moment with the fork made me remember a basic principle of industrial design: how it feels.
Even mighty industrial machines cannot survive without tiny cogs.
The residential area has a sprinkling of industrial complexes.
The exhibition traces the modernist taste for clean lines and an industrial.
At the industrial level, the biggest contributors to the recovery have been autos and health care.
Yet this standard industrial product does something strange.
Watching the kitchen during the hectic rush of dinner service presented a case study in industrial and organizational psychology.
On the shore, towering silos have been painted red and reclaimed as industrial sculpture.
They were arrested and later charged with industrial espionage and forgery.
He rented space in a warehouse in a gritty industrial district of auto-body shops about a five-minute drive from his house.
She also admitted that she doesn't know how to turn on the town house's industrial kitchen stove.
Genetically modified crops designed for industrial agriculture have given the technology a bad rap.
Ramping up the efficiency and scale of the photosynthesis-to-hydrogen process to industrial production will be a challenge.
Today the bubble is being harnessed in a dazzling array of industrial and medical uses.
War has nothing to do with people but with industrial machines.
Ordinary white mushrooms colonize dead plant matter, which is why they are readily grown on compost and on an industrial scale.
Science has long been ripe for industrial colonization.
But both are taken to represent the seduction of science by big money-whether federal or industrial-and big organization.
The company also sells robots to governments and industrial clients worldwide.
Many of these organisms have been used in industrial processes already.
The compounds created during the process could also be used to make other industrial chemicals and plastics.
Making surfaces able to repel fluids-whether water- or oil-based-is also important for industrial and biomedical applications.
It also caused many energy and industrial facilities, and transportation services to shut down automatically.
These chemicals are also used to make industrial polymers and solvents.
The idea that the environment is an inexhaustible industrial toilet free for the using is centuries out of date.
Only trained and competent operators shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial truck.
Identifies sectors of industry that may obtain coverage under the industrial storm water general permit for storm water runoff.
All general industry standards apply to workers performing maintenance on powered industrial trucks.

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