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Example sentences for indulgences

Even then, you must be careful with your indulgences.
Tax expenditures are the fiscal equivalent of selling indulgences.
The temptations that can disrupt their lives are often pure indulgences.
Most expenditures, however, are for more mainstream indulgences.
Tax credits are the fiscal equivalent of selling indulgences.
Thanksgiving is a time for glad gatherings and hearty indulgences.
The church disapproves of drinking, smoking and other indulgences.
Lipstick serves as a cosmetic solution to indulgences on a tight budget.
Indulgences include a rain shower in the guest bathroom and a walk-in closet.
Church officials emphasize that indulgences depend on sincere repentance and are not a loophole for sinners.
Think of it as a prototype for indulgences of the future, carefully engineered to be cholesterol-neutral.
It would be much easier to conquer them, if they had once given themselves over to sensual indulgences.
Endeavour to gain the benefit of indulgences, and to get the prayers of others.
Joining them was one of my first indulgences after graduating and starting work.
Hotels are increasingly replacing mainstream candy, chips, beverages and other mini-bar treats with locally made indulgences.
Counteract holiday indulgences by moving around as much as possible.
No, you won't find such indulgences in any diet program.
There are plenty of indulgences geared towards adults as well.
It is not your job to weed out students whose quirky aspects or personal indulgences you find objectionable.
Indulgences aside, the marathoner's meat-and-potatoes is still pasta.
Creative writing, social studies and computer work have all become occasional indulgences.
As the new ads make clear, you don't have to give up all indulgences to eat fewer calories.
Understand the concepts of indulgences, purgatory, heresy.
It was his opinion indulgences sprang from people's bad feelings about themselves, and a way had to be found to combat that.
Cigars are presented as lavish, even outrageous, yet affordable luxuries and indulgences.
People can allow themselves a few gentle indulgences, some occasional shared laughter, without necessarily feeling guilty.
There then remains but one per cent, to be devoted to the increase of capital or luxurious indulgences.

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