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All the martinis from my induction had my mind a bit fuzzy.
The ability to follow a beat is called beat induction.
Today electricity can be transmitted via magnetic induction in such things as security swipe cards.
Jacobs hits another switch and the rocket shoots ahead sharply, powered by a linear induction motor.
Induction of human neuronal cells by defined transcription factors.
They built a huge linear-induction catapult, powered by solar panels and built with local materials.
So began its disastrous mid-decade induction into the dark arts of leverage, aggressive lending, and currency arbitrage.
Music with a rapid tempo, and written in a major key, correlated precisely with the induction of happiness.
The interaction is not based on field strength but on induction.
The problem is induction motors in refrigerators and air-conditioner.
It's an induction hob which lets you place pots and pans anywhere on the cooktop.
Induction cooking is way more efficient than gas flames and electric coils.
There is a corridor that is, in effect, an induction stove.
US slow in adopting helpful hearing induction loops.
The devices could also receive power through magnetic induction and send out mild shocks that stimulate the muscle into action.
Charging capacitors during the induction period and discharging during non induction periods could even out the battery charging.
Induction charging is the only way whether at work or home for the future.
One last aspect of drug-induced morphological patterns is the process known as induction.
The positively-charged leaves repel, giving a rough measure of the strength of the induction.
We build a story around our daily hypnotic induction especially when traumatic.
Some of it may be using induction, but more likely, convenience.
He and his lawyers had not attempted to deny that he had refused induction.
The aim of induction therapy, the first treatment phase, is to reduce the number of leukemia cells to undetectable levels.

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