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The one is an offshoot of the legitimate drama for indoor use, the other for outdoor.
Outside animal enclosures and an indoor natural history exhibit hall featuring live native animals.
Ceiling fans can help regulate indoor temperature, making it more comfortable with less energy in summer, winter or in between.
Beat the heat with lots of indoor activities such as live music, storytelling, and art and craft projects.
The sluice is lined with heavy synthetic matting, similar to indoor-outdoor carpet.
The king also installed the latest innovations, such as telephones and indoor plumbing.
Here's a look at some of the highlights in the evolution of indoor cooking.
Cisterns will collect rainwater, which will be used several ways-including to irrigate an indoor vegetable garden.
One is indoor only while two are allowed outside during the day but are locked in every night.
Multiple courtyards have been integrated to facilitate indoor and outdoor teaching and interaction.
And one wall of the rehearsal room lifts open to create an indoor-outdoor space, with the wall serving as its awning.
Other research demonstrates the impact that indoor air quality has on learning performance.
He was discarded, and the rabbit and the toad found new indoor lives as doorstops.
The researchers blame part of the decline on a lack of indoor exercise facilities for the urban elderly.
None of the houses her father rented had central heating, indoor plumbing, or electricity.
Building materials were selected for their recycled content and their contribution to a healthy indoor environment.
Due to popular demand, they've expanded, with an adjacent room for indoor seating.
Being a federal judge is a pretty good gig: life tenure, indoor work, brilliant clerks to do the heavy lifting.
The shop is tiny and almost always packed, with an indoor counter and an outdoor bench for diners.
Both will feature indoor growing systems, some higher end technologies that bring pizzazz to how people think about farming.
Indoor cats pose no threat, he says, because they don't carry the parasite.
The dining table stood on a platform with a canopy overhead, giving the effect of an indoor gazebo.
They are also starting to get into the indoor growing game in a big way too.
Only three of the families in the camp have indoor toilets.
Move houseplants summering outside to progressively shadier spots, easing the transition to reduced indoor light levels.
Following is a lists of indoor plants known to be toxic to dogs.
Cozy furnishings and thoughtfully selected accessories make an outdoor space as inviting as an indoor room.
They're lovely on their own, but poinsettias can be even better when you combine them with other indoor plants.
To compensate for lack of yard space, the home has as many outdoor rooms as it does indoor.
Climb the giant indoor tree house to enjoy a tea party or tinker with tools in the museum's hands-on garage.
Higher temperatures and wind speeds and lower humidity result in faster evaporation and added energy costs, even for indoor pools.
For those that can't shake that fear, there's indoor skydiving.
When shooting indoor pictures of people, some of their faces have a slightly reddish tinge.
Types of plants-Have students look for the plants and trees they researched in the indoor part of the lesson.
Toss the milk, yogurt and similar items in an automated indoor composter.
Older or improperly-used stoves produce smoke and pollution, and can reduce indoor air quality.
Lightweight and great for indoor and outdoor use, they are practically the only shoes you need to bring on your travels.
Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from soot from the indoor fires they use to cook or heat their homes.
The standard approach to malaria control in this region focuses on the indoor spraying of houses with insecticide.
Fluorescent tubes could soon face a new rival for the top spot in indoor lighting.
There are so many indoor pot farms running expensive all-day gro-lights in the county.
The indoor tanning industry is only two decades old.
He contributes this to the substantial improvement of the indoor air quality that is a result of the renovation of the school.
For those who want less outdoorsy adventure and more indoor chic, turn to the urban eco-hotel.
Indoor skydiving involves a vertical wind tunnel that suspends you in air and mimics the feeling of skydiving.
When the kids are looking for an exciting activity outside of the house, take them to an indoor playground.
Indoor rock climbing allows you to enjoy the challenges of this popular sport no matter the time of year or weather.
Indoor water parks allow guests to swim, splash and slide even when the weather is less than favorable.
Indoor water parks are ideal for escaping winter's chill or for cooling off during the summer.
Indoor water park resorts offer water rides, spas and lodging options all in one location.
At many indoor parks, vacationers enjoy riding and sliding all year.
Indoor water parks offer year-round adventure for all ages.
Indoor water parks are ideal for escaping winter's chill or for cooling off during the summer.
While nature's bounty causes allergies and colds this time of year, so does the dry indoor air.
Two solar panels at the top of the keyboard work to keep the internal battery charged, even in low indoor ambient light.
Better efficiency can reduce emissions, but does not solve the indoor-pollution problem.
Another appeared to set fire to an indoor market, the second time it has been attacked.
Upstairs, you may test a hundred types of shoe on a convenient indoor hiking path.
These temples to mammon tend to be suitably marbled, display some fine indoor plants and attract a steady stream of customers.
Younger migrants who prefer indoor pursuits, such as the arts or clubbing, seem to struggle.
But a few nights of indoor camping seems to have concentrated minds.
It did not take long for inventive individuals to begin using the technology, developed for indoor use, outside.
For indoor heating, a low-voltage supply connected to a conductive concrete floor makes the whole floor act as a radiator.
If you aren't able to grill outdoors, see our indoor method.
Outdoor meals require the same careful planning as indoor cookery.
Max knew that a bunk bed was the perfect structure to use when building an indoor fort.
He thinks the philosophical mind now requires a properly conducted inquiry into the indoor life expectancy of fruit flies.
Coster-Mullen gingerly navigated the pillars inside an indoor parking garage and pulled up to the loading dock.
Capo pulled up to the above-ground indoor community mausoleum, and said that was the future.
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can damage cameras designed for indoor use.
One theme many had in common: huge indoor grow areas, with almost no employees other than family.
Coming to think about it, the biggest effect here is with indoor receive only devices.
Enjoy a country which is the last refuge of indoor smoking.
It also has its own two-hole golf course and indoor basketball court.
The progress of these matches could be monitored from the indoor gallery that encircled them.
When it's cold and windy outside, indoor heaters leave our skin feeling dry and crackly.
The only indoor part was a receiving line meeting the families of the deceased.
He was beginning to tune out the conflicting voices to a pinched whine, dialing out the indoor traffic.
In the reductions of indoor ultra fine particulate the same is true.
Also there was no increase in heart rate or salivary cortisol concentration during the indoor test sessions.
The setup currently uses an overhead video tracking system, limiting its use to small indoor spaces.
They are indoor use only, so don't use one in your deck or entrance light.
Chimps can also rest in private cages that give them access to the indoor play space but keep them separated from humans.
Any indoor facility, you'd have to keep cleaning the atmosphere of hydrocarbon contamination from the outside.
And now comes equally bad news about the tanner's next best friend, the indoor tanning salon.
Indoor air pollutants have increased over the part few decades for variety of reasons.
Indoor air pollutants are unwanted, sometimes harmful materials in the air.
The bathroom is the largest consumer of indoor water.
There are indoor allergens and irritants that can trigger asthma attacks.
Healthy indoor environments have become a critical part of overall health in today's society.
Mold spores waft through the indoor and outdoor air continually.
However, indoor mold growth can be controlled by controlling moisture.
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