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It is not education, of course, but as political indoctrination it will be highly effective.
Blame it on my early indoctrination in the imperial system.
The results of this indoctrination campaign are already evident.
No indoctrination will be necessary, and he is likely to find few surprises.
The political indoctrination and lack of science inherent in the presentations made me sick to my stomach.
Overcome academe's indoctrination process, which tells you that leaving academe means failure.
But only if their indoctrination is not too entrenched, to close their minds permanently.
If a topic in education isn't absolute, then it is indoctrination.
The leftist indoctrination process of higher education failed to work on me.
Fifty-plus years of government propaganda and indoctrination have further embedded these beliefs in the populace.
All did so in almost identical phrases, indicating that heavy-handed indoctrination continues, even of top officials.
For the next six weeks she was kept in a closet, blindfolded, and subjected to periodic indoctrination by her captors.
Yet his indoctrination from them he thought invaluable.
My politically correct indoctrination does not provide adequate guidance with this affair.
Those claims do serve an obvious social function, as a form of mental indoctrination, or rite of initiation into the group.
Citizens of all age groups and occupations were subject to intensive political and ideological indoctrination.
For favorable security determinations, the employee is notified to complete a security indoctrination.
Non-aircraft specific subjects include: basic indoctrination, general emergency, and hazardous materials.

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