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Use to-go containers to create individually boxed meals, which travel well.
For convenience, steaks can be frozen individually in the marinade.
In groups or individually, have students brainstorm the types of monuments that they might design.
Have students read the song and individually write down five words describing the physical environment from the song.
The researchers used sophisticated nets that can be individually closed and opened at the touch of a computer key.
Students work in groups or individually to design a memorial to all the people who participated in the success of the mission.
Either individually or as a group, have students diagram the interconnections between causes and effects of the problem.
Students can do this individually, in pairs, or in small groups.
For the next part of the lesson, allow students to work individually or in pairs on their own computers.
Have students, either in groups or individually, design a park to be located near their school.
Have students individually list factors that would promote or hinder the spread of new strains of flu.
Have them brainstorm possible changes, either individually or in groups, and write down their ideas.
They can plan their meals individually or in small groups of two or three.
Have them, either individually or in their groups, list the things that they think would need to be done to help.
Natural foods stores will often carry individually wrapped candies including lollipops, chocolates, and toffee.
They can do this individually, in pairs, or in small groups.
Students can draw their memorials in small groups or individually.
Check with galleries individually before you go for any special admission prices.
Individually and collectively, they were frequently used as collateral in all kinds of business transactions.
Students can draw the pictures individually or collaborate with group members to create larger posters or murals.
Have students conduct research, either individually or in small groups, on threats to the world's oceans.
They should focus on these section topics as they do their research, and each student should take notes individually.
Ask students, either in groups or individually, to design a new suburb.
Finally, each owl is individually hand-painted with bright colors in a patchwork of designs.
Ask students individually or as a group to create fairy tales which feature one or more wolves-not depicted as villains.
But the new species included in the handbook have been individually described in scientific journals, he noted.
Individually the two strategies, fossils and genes, have some drawbacks.
In all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere.
Individually and intrinsically, they do not need any allowance.
Only three more prosodists can be individually noticed here.
Presses will still be able to sell e-books individually to libraries and readers.
She can have coffee, individually, with her colleagues.
Students said their comments were being individually deleted every few minutes, and finally all posts were disabled.
As soon as you know the members of your committee, meet individually with each of them.
Ask a question, have all the students think about it and respond to it individually, and then take a look at the results.
First and foremost is the idea of the search for a place to call home, individually and collectively.
They can individually decide to commute or not and to use a vehicle or not.
In skeletal muscle, the cells never contract individually.
Solar power systems must be individually designed for unique site conditions around the country.
Each bird was individually tagged to help identify them.
Even if that individual amount is too small to individually measure, it still exists.
First of all there is no evidence of memories being stored individually.
The combined impact is almost twice that of the sum of each gas individually.
All five mutations have been spotted individually--although not together--in wild viruses.
It's a new moral, population prudence, and that should be done individually.
They were designed as modular units that can be used individually for task lighting, or hitched together to light up a room.
They must be individually inspected and hand-picked.
Internal temperature sensors can be used to individually tweak the speed of internal fans to reduce their power draw.
But with component video cables, each little line is individually defined.
White pixels or light-colored pixels, though, are unfortunately visible individually to the human eye.
Advances in microprocessor technology are producing far more hardware than programmers can collectively or individually program.
They've all been identified individually, but they don't know exactly how they work together.
Visit the facilities individually, or combine visits to several to form your own blend of challenge and adventure.
Each room and suite is individually decorated and furnished, and all have cable television.
During the reunion, family members can recite their stories individually or in a group setting.
Rather than tipping individually, consider taking up a collection from everyone on the bus.
Its condo units, many of which are individually owned and made available for seasonal rental, vary in size and decor.
Pundits have long predicted that advances in genetics will usher in a golden age of individually tailored therapies.
As a market, if not individually, they are too big to fail.
Before the fire, unions tended to tackle owners individually.
Individually, each team's result could be a statistical fluke.
He has held no cabinet meetings, preferring to see ministers individually.
Individually, the disclosures are trivial: some would be barely newsworthy if published legally.
Every packet contains the address of its destination and is individually routed through the network.
But particular combinations of genes that are not individually significant may also be important.
When there is little or nothing you can do individually to change a situation, prayer offers something positive that can be done.
Many travel around the site on red works bicycles, individually numbered.
Another is spectacles: some retailers can now deliver individually tailored lenses within an hour.
In finance, actions can be both individually prudent and collectively disastrous.
Each lit individually in the dark gallery, the photographs make for contemplative viewing.
Individually, her landscapes are bleak, her subjects troubled.
Without looking cramped, his well-balanced panels began to teem with crowds of individually articulated figures.
In the brain every individual structure and neural circuit has been individually refined by evolution and environmental factors.
Individually, each workpiece is unlikely to afford deductive phenomenon.
The infrastructure for fueling individually owned vehicles with gas does not exist, as it does for liquid fuels.
Visualizing these densely packed units individually has proved extremely challenging.
While these sensors are wired and individually placed, their orientation isn't exact--that is, specific muscles aren't targeted.
Possibly at this scale the molecules cannot align inside the tubes so they actually flow more freely and individually.
Individually, nobody can choose the winners and losers.
Though individually they are small, taken together they raise difficult questions about the government's case.
Rather than consider each of these four groups individually, it might be more useful look at the overall balance of good and bad.
They are people individually trying to live their lives in the time they are given.
Individually they are arresting, and collectively they give a vivid sense of the chaotic wild extremes of the country.
Garland's concert performances were so intimate and unguarded that listeners believed she was singing for them individually.
Some of the crew struggled individually to live up to the responsibility that had been vested in them.
The question was how the partners-individually, or as a group-were going to dispose of their market rights.
Individually, knowledge workers are dependent on the job.
Houses were appraised individually and, one by one, the homeowners were brought in by appointment to negotiate a settlement.
Most of the initiatives were small business projects that individually didn't amount to much.
But still yeah itd be great for us individually to somehow take advantage of the trait the jellyfish earned and live forever.
Much of this type of discussion still depends on definitions, which in spite of all efforts, still vary individually.
While females compete individually for territories, the males compete in coalitions.
Most individuals are individually pretty intelligent.
His standard candles are stars in faraway galaxies, stars that are too small to see individually.
It's because that's the only way to generate results that individually seem positive when there's nothing there.
Each of these components was individually wafted over tethered flies, whose antennae had been hooked up to electrodes.
But things changed when she looked at them individually.
We are all individually different, and smoking affects each of us differently.
The sieve catches things too small for the divers to pick up individually, especially the seeds and other plant remains.
All the components, taken individually, are spread out in time and therefore fail to reproduce the pinpoint timing of the spike.
Consanguineous marriage is individually relatively harmless, doing it for multiple generations spells trouble down the line.
All such features have to be explained by a chain of individually advantageous adaptations.
Individually those stars would be too faint to be seen.
They are miniature, individually decorated wood benches.
Although he can't answer all of them individually, he'll answer those of general interest in his column.
These are large national issues, but they are also questions that local governments are answering individually.
For the home or small-business user, there are only two components worth buying, each available individually.
Many of those funds individually run a mere billion or three.
Researchers found that the total pregnancy rate per egg retrieval was higher when embryos were implanted individually.
Individually, each novel is well crafted and compulsively readable.
Laws prohibit doctors from talking about patients using individually identifiable information.
In the church rectory, lawyers met individually with immigrants struggling to understand criminal and immigration law.
Students compete both individually and as teams representing their colleges.

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