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These hotels offer what many of the larger chains lack, individuality and personality.
The result is total individuality that often causes heads to turn and smile.
Both were directed at crushing the ultimate qualities of kindness and individuality.
Individuality in fashion tops convention in every way.
Oh, and don't forget to look at their shoes, they're also telltale signs of individuality.
His first performance, however, revealed a highly striking artistic individuality.
Seeing my ideas in my own hand is an important step toward academic ownership and individuality.
The writer in western civilization has become not a voice of his tribe, but of his individuality.
Every true choreographer, as every true artist, has his or her own individuality.
For motorists, it is merely a means to get from one place to another while struggling to retain their freedom and individuality.
Individuality seems to be eradicated by advertising and magazines that are dictating our understanding of beauty.
As if being a part of something bigger takes away from individuality.
She was creative, fearless and fully embraced her individuality.
He was not interested in motivation or individuality.
She is the individuality of the crowd: she parades the heroes, or if there are none, the imbeciles.
Private thoughts and feelings seem the ultimate expression of individuality.
It's one which finally gives a basketball arena an individuality similar to that of baseball ballparks and football stadiums.
The group's signature is unison work that allows for individuality.
It was also a rather faceless performance without much subtlety, imagination or individuality.
Its warmth and individuality wraps itself around you in an eclectic series of guises.
Couples differ in their relative need for a sense of togetherness versus individuality.
Groupthink is a phenomenon in which the members of a group override their individuality in favor of unanimity.
By pushing suppressing individuality, it hold people back from realizing their full potential and does more harm than good.
For the military itself, individuality and self-purpose are anathemas to be banished.
Her adorably askew features cap off an unparalleled individuality.
Have faith enough in your own individuality to keep it resolutely down for a year or two.
Is our individuality one extreme of a larger spectrum of consciousness.
Our individuality is as much an adaptation as the individual fingers on our hands.
The dreary ritual of not testifying has become so familiar that any tiny spark of individuality has become thrilling.
And because they have branched out into these categories they have started to lose their individuality.
Many studios and museums offer programs for children to dive into art, to express their individuality.
The brand lost its individuality over the years, and many of its fans were older folks.
He is an essayist rather than a story-teller,-an essayist of an intense individuality.
These necessary fundamentals of style are hardly felt by the artist to constrain his individuality of expression.
Party government, he pointed out, tends to destroy all individuality.
Also they made more grotesque an already grotesque and elusive individuality.
It is curious and interesting to trace the growth of individuality and race consciousness in this group of poets.
As the network spreads, it is fostering both the universality and the individuality of human discourse.
Art that works tells the old stories in new ways, in dance through a fresh choreographic voice or the individuality of performers.
They restore individuality, they give the victims faces and voices.
Italians have their own form of individuality and their own ways of relating to each other and to the groups they move in.
In fandom, boundaries of individuality break down and enthusiasts come to think they own the celebrity in some way.
It restricts air supply, shuts out the light, inhibits movement and snuffs out individuality.
Common standards have a place, but so does individuality.

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