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The cure of burning tongue syndrome is highly individualistic.
These strategies frame healthy behavior as an individualistic step away from the crowd-and they rarely work.
In reaction to earlier decades of high crime and chaos, communitarian values triumph over strictly individualistic ones.
Oddly, though, self-tracking culture is not particularly individualistic.
It was precisely their dilemma that prompted a new mentality: secular, transnational, utterly individualistic.
In economics a rational choice model of behavior is individualistic, as are the critiques out of behavioral economics.
Spider monkey vocalizations are generally individualistic.
But that value set wasn't pure individualistic selfishness.
Our minds are trying to grasp supernatural premises in a world built on technology and an individualistic open mindset.
They are more individualistic and less inclined to join the military.
For the creative, individualistic mind, this poses challenges.
Roy notices a strongly individualistic streak among them.
Actually, he seems to have been reacting to the beginnings of a new, less entrepreneurial or individualistic form of capitalism.
It's well known that individualistic cultures cooperate less than ones where community and relationships are more highly valued.
We have become a materialistic, individualistic culture.
We argentines are far more individualistic and skeptical when it comes to government and media information.
The other is insecure, fearlessly individualistic and fly-by-night.

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