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Example sentences for indistinct

Everyone would sound as distinctly indistinct as a television newscaster.
Such latent prints are often incomplete and indistinct, and might not produce unique matches.
Amid contagion, fiscal probity is no protection, and the indistinct line between solvency and insolvency vanishes altogether.
With composite video, all the little lines blur together into one indistinct blob.
Whitish or yellowish narrow broken eye ring, indistinct dusky eye line.
Greenish yellow underparts with indistinct blurry streaks.
Gray face with reddish crown, distinct white eye ring, and indistinct reddish eye line.
The herons were taking their stations for the night, indistinct on the mud flats.
One of them has that hot gas, but the other is more indistinct and the detection of gas isn't as strong.
There is still plenty of chatter but it is safe, indistinct noise that remains in the background.
But you can't argue a people into war, especially one that seems so indistinct and perplexing.
But that picture often ends up being indistinct as well.
Almost immediately came a turn in the ravine, and the indistinct blue horizon.
But an examination of this series of examples shows that this character consists of many indistinct elements.
She made no answer, and he sat in silence, watching her profile grow indistinct against the snow-streaked dusk beyond the window.
Undifferentiated tumors, which have indistinct margins, are more dangerous than those with well-defined margins.
The melanoma is considered ulcerated if skin layers over the tumor appear indistinct under the microscope.
Against the dark water and the shore, whatever propels these lights is indistinct, but their graceful flow suggests swans.
Within the film itself, the polarities of good and evil are too indistinct to matter.
Patentably indistinct claims in certain related applications will be collectively considered as being in one application.
The flowers are greenish-white or yellow, and bloom in indistinct clusters midsummer.

Famous quotes containing the word indistinct

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