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Example sentences for indiscretion

It was by the indiscretion of the veteran showman that an account of this banquet strayed into the public prints.
To look at him, you would think he had never committed an indiscretion worse than overtime parking.
Preparing journalists to cover the presidential campaign these days is also an exercise in indiscretion management.
There the swells would sip martinis, intone the odd witticism or inanity and occasionally commit some headline indiscretion.
In improper behaviour, indiscretion is an aggravating factor.
And no matter what some people might suggest, riding without a helmet isn't a victimless indiscretion.
Yet, it only takes one or two incidents of indiscretion or poor judgment to bring our well-earned position of trust into question.
Don't impose restrictions on me because of her unfortunate indiscretion.
Applicant's use of drugs in the early seventies can certainly be attributed to youthful indiscretion.
Her program is forgiving, so even when she spends time with the bad boys, she can make up the indiscretion elsewhere in her diet.
When a staff member falls prey to an inmate who manipulated him or her into an indiscretion, this breaches the security network.

Famous quotes containing the word indiscretion

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