indirect lighting in a sentence

Example sentences for indirect lighting

Kitchen has indirect lighting and upper end engineered flooring.
Candlelight mingles with mellow indirect lighting, and the whole effect is casual and romantic.
The design is sensuous with gorgeous indirect lighting and luxurious white linens.
The main recommendation is to replace the recessed fluorescent lighting system in the general office area with indirect lighting.
Traditional ceiling domes and elegant close-to-ceiling fixtures, provide general, indirect lighting from a central location.
The building is oriented to maximize sunlight along with individually controlled direct and indirect lighting.
In the example this meant that the rain water harvest, indirect lighting and foam board insulation were included in the design.
The use of natural materials and indirect lighting shall be encouraged.
In structures with ornamental or inaccessible ceilings, indirect lighting offers many possibilities.
Dave suggested indirect lighting because there are residential properties on either side.
Indirect lighting or frosted bulbs can be used to reduce glare.
The other directs light up toward the ceiling, providing high-quality indirect lighting.
Spot and indirect lighting should be considered elsewhere.
At night, the canopy will be lit by indirect lighting on the underside of the fabric roof.
Torchieres provide indirect lighting, which means they illuminate spaces by reflecting light off ceilings and walls.
Most areas are illuminated with indirect lighting from pendant mounted fluorescent luminaires combined with direct task lighting.
All the laboratories are orientated on the north side benefiting from indirect lighting and natural shading.
In addition, attempts would be made to add natural and/or indirect lighting into staff work spaces.
The lower ceiling made the area easier to heat and cool, improved acoustics, and enhanced indirect lighting.
Recessed or indirect lighting systems can eliminate glare and reflections but are not suitable for all workplaces.
Use a combination of direct and indirect lighting with linear fluorescents.
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