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Start them over indirect heat, away from the hottest part of the grill.
Display in bright, indirect light, and water regularly.
These so-called indirect land use impacts have questionable scientific validity.
Resources, time, and the emphasis on direct measures and indirect measures rather than quality indicators.
Green roof advocates point to other indirect benefits, such as reduced stress on sewer systems.
Indoors, display plants away from heater vents in a spot that gets bright, indirect light.
He starts by focusing on the concept of indirect action.
The effects in war of a loss of prestige are in general indirect and slow.
The indirect cost will be harder to measure, but could be more important.
Water the wreath well and set it in bright, indirect light for several days.
But while compelling, such demonstrations are indirect.
Indirect effects of climate change can also cause entire species to go extinct.
It's also that warming has countless indirect effects.
Astronomers have also collected indirect evidence that it has a moon.
But only indirect evidence over the years supported the idea.
Pressure on the eye during indirect ophthalmoscopy by may be slightly uncomfortable, but it should not be painful.
For example, indirect reductions from energy generation don t qualify.
Because this is an indirect result, it is not rigorous proof.
As an architect, however, my engagement with these committees is often indirect.
All of the evidence for the existence of dark matter both observational and experimental is based on indirect inferences.
In the hands of anyone less skilled, this verbal volleyball of direct and indirect quotations would likely be a disaster.
Yet this is all merely indirect evidence for the impact of mobile telecoms on economic growth.
Such orphans are often the indirect casualties of poaching, driven by the high prices ivory can fetch.
Indirect land-use change refers to the opportunity lost had the biofuel feedstock acres been set aside for other uses.
They do so not for its in own sake, but as an indirect way of addressing race-effectively pursuing both goals at once.
Add the indirect effect on clouds and this could increase markedly, though there are great uncertainties.
The sardine run is an indirect result of that interplay.
Hematocrit etc are indirect markers, and not conclusive of anything but a need to be suspicious.
But dramatically this picture is indirect and confused.
One indirect way to do this is to ask about tenure procedures in the department and the role of the chair.
If necessary, push coals to one side of grill to create indirect heat.
Or hiring committees seek that information through indirect means.
As a result, astronomers have had to rely on indirect methods of calibration.
Those temperatures will provide indirect clues as to where the water is and how much is present.
We all enjoy misfortunes of others in the indirect way of being glad this particular error was not done by us.
But when people talk about racism, indirect or vicarious experiences of discrimination seem to be important.
Plus, it might have an indirect positive effect on the over population problem lol.
Your editorial can be read as providing indirect support for such a welcome development.
But you are only getting indirect snippets from complex conversations.
We have some indirect evidence for big bang and dark matter.
Well the public would care because of indirect effects.
The indirect signature of hunters can also be seen in the ecological record.
Directly limit the problem versus a convoluted indirect plan that would be full of corruption.
Any waves you make, however small, however indirect could alienate you from your colleagues.
The benefits for education are indirect, yet also palpable.
It is to be indirect and not direct or descriptive or epic.
It is to be indirect, and not direct or descriptive or epic.
No, but we've had a couple of indirect e-mail communications.
But they still die quietly at home of illnesses that are a direct or indirect result of malnutrition.
But their real risk is indirect, as they drag down consumer sentiment.
In order to investigate these mysteries, scientists turn to indirect evidence preserved on and inside the teeth themselves.
The indirect consequences of such disparities, however, extend much further.
All because our brains are not well suites to grasping indirect multi-step transactions and the value added along the way.
In addition to the direct cost of the products, there are indirect costs.
Coal enjoys substantial direct and indirect subsidies from governments and citizens.
These transients are called lightning indirect effects.
Next, indirect costs such as overhead are subtracted.
Support your statements with direct and indirect quotes from your sources.
The thick-thin paradox and indirect sunlight are not the only limitations holding back photovoltaic cells.
Carr believes that the indirect evidence from finely-tuned coupling constants is actually stronger.
Because wireless electronics have more indirect travel patterns.
In fact, that concept was part of one of my indirect hypotheses resulting from much of my personal research over the years.
Indirect insults are not altogether conducive of civility either.
There is indirect funding and related science funding as well.
They've also found that slight variations in the timing of the pulses can be indirect evidence for objects orbiting a pulsar.
Unarguably, it remains a place where companies face heavy direct and indirect state control.
So the second method, indirect detective-work, is better.
Longevity is admittedly a crude and indirect indicator of population health.
But the indirect impact on private investment and consumption will be important.
Add the indirect effects on the confidence of consumers and businesses, and the downturn will be deep.
Voters ignore this so long as their income taxes stay low--hence borrowing and indirect taxes are the normal course.
Instead of indirect censorship through publishers, there would be a government clearing house.
In addition, increasing indirect taxes, the system becomes more vulnerable to external shocks.
But there are indirect ways to bring pressure to bear.
Although that is not the main point at all, and any implications for greenhouse gases would be indirect and ambiguous.
The problem with this indirect technique is that it does not tell you much about the planet you have discovered.
Because the externality is so indirect, they come up with outlandish figures.
The evidence is indirect so far, and more often than not, astronomers straining for a telescopic glimpse have seen nothing at all.
The indirect lighting for the trading floor was trend-setting.

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