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It was his first care to provide for the relief of the indigent, and his first visits were made to the hospitals and poor.
Depending on how he was fixed at any given time, a third to a half of his cases he was handling for free for indigent clients.
Far from indigent, he dressed well, drove fast cars and within a few months was breaking course records.
But the history of our orphanages, and of our treatment of homeless and indigent children, has not always been commendable.
Uncontrolled inflation strangles growth, hurting the entire populace but, especially the indigent.
However, if you are divorced, he might be eligible for more government benefits if he is legally indigent.
But in a time of shrinking budgets, there were few funds for hospice care for the indigent.
The state agency responsible for indigent defense has run out of money, and other cases are at risk of being delayed or derailed.
But even now, in an indigent parish, the priest is still called upon to be the local problem-solver.
VA hospitals provide free care for disabled veterans provided their disability is service connected, and indigent veterans.

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