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So did the introduction of non-native species that competed for resources with, and sometimes preyed on, indigenous birds.
In the distant past, scientists often ignored and even made fun of the knowledge of indigenous people.
They say that being indigenous doesn't grant a species special rights to inhabit an ecosystem.
But other researchers employ a different strategy, consulting indigenous people when possible.
Since these are small indigenous countries, they will collapse slower, and show rapid signs of a false recovery.
Indigenous recycling plans are developing rapidly, and therein lies the danger.
These policies encapsulate human capital, both indigenous and from immigration.
Successful imperial militaries have traditionally fought alongside indigenous troops.
But there is now an indigenous environmental movement.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
The large triangular-shaped stone is not indigenous to the area but was carried there by a glacier during the ice age.
It undercuts the core objective, the trust and respect of the indigenous population.
It also contains exhibits on indigenous and colonial art.
Trays and bowls carved of indigenous woods and covered with lacquer or metal are prized hospitality gifts.
So may the new law requiring prior consultation with indigenous communities over extractive projects on their land.
But advocates of whaling present themselves as protectors of traditional culture, diets and the rights of indigenous people.
In some ways, this is a mark of the country's economic immaturity, and its failure to nurture indigenous industry.
The communist bit is something that has been more or less tagged on to an indigenous nationalist cultural movement.
And the supply of foreign as well as indigenous entrepreneurs could be improved.
The number of indigenous fish was falling, since the floods that induce them to spawn were becoming rarer.
Studying indigenous languages therefore benefits environmental understanding and conservation efforts.
But new genetic evidence shows that elephants found on the island come from a long-standing, indigenous population.
Students discuss the importance of gathering genetic information from indigenous peoples today.
Most visitors get little feeling for local cultural values, especially of indigenous peoples.
There have always been other indigenous, competing creeds.
Counterinsurgency tactics are designed to help a credible indigenous government fight a guerrilla opponent.

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