indigence in a sentence

Example sentences for indigence

He is ever a handful of pocket change away from utter indigence.
The coastal counties have lots of people on indigence.
As you can see, these hands belong to an old and impoverished individual who can behold nothing but misery and indigence.
Indigence cast a shadow over everything he attempted.
Economists have observed that extremely poor people tend to act in ways that worsen their indigence.
Medical costs are therefore a common cause of indigence in this age group.
Applications for indigence must be made through the mediation office prior to the scheduled mediation conference.
Immigrants who meet the indigence exception are exempt from sponsor deeming.
Charge will be waived upon written proof of indigence.
Counsel shall be promptly appointed after receiving the application and determining indigence.

Famous quotes containing the word indigence

That hour in the life of a man when first the help of humanity fails him, and he learns that in his obscurity and ... more
Treacherous plague-spots of indigence—videlicet, blots from the inkstand.... more
Instead of this we have luxury and avarice; public indigence side by side with private opulence; we glorify... more
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