indifferently in a sentence

Example sentences for indifferently

The roads into the city were indifferently maintained and in places badly graded.
He used it to go sit in the museum garden, or grab a cup of coffee, looking only indifferently at the art.
Describes his small town house, furnished indifferently.
Nature-soft tufts of dusky foliage, scraps of yellowish sky-attends indifferently.
She looks indifferently at me for a moment and then returns to her weeding.
They think racist slurs will upset them but actually act indifferently to them and those saying them.
It is better to do some things well rather than everything indifferently.
He greeted us indifferently, sat down and started speaking.
Millions have listened intently and indifferently, in agreement and in powerful disagreement.
Meantime the ordinary chat and business of the ward a little way off goes on indifferently.
Let him give kingdoms or flower-leaves indifferently.
Not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently.
Thus, whether the churches be quite void or but indifferently filled, the quakers will have an opportunity of gaining proselytes.
They might be out three or four days, in a country indifferently well provisioned.
Applicants state that capacity will not be sold indifferently to the user public.
Never behave indifferently or rudely towards customers.
Unfortunately, he performed his recordkeeping duties indifferently.
The special needs children are treated indifferently and are seen as children to work around, not with.
The same personal pronouns also are used indifferently for masculine, feminine, and neuter.

Famous quotes containing the word indifferently

I have seen it over and over, the same sea, the same, slightly, indifferently swinging above the stones, ic... more
Love, then unstinted, Love did sip, And cherries plucked fresh from the lip; On cheeks and roses free he fed; Lasses lik... more
Where neither love nor hatred plays a part, a woman plays indifferently.... more
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