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Example sentences for indifference

Each day she greets me with offhand indifference but slowly warms to my presence.
Then she turns to regard us with a look of infinite and bored indifference.
Such was his later regret about his student indifference.
Maybe their also hampered by lack of funding or parental indifference.
Though in her irritation she had accused him of indifference, she was not blind to the fact that he was visibly preoccupied.
Scientists have treated them with indifference, even contempt, viewing them as essentially hitchhikers on life's road.
Your lofty goal of stretching their minds disappears in a puff of indifference.
But he remained enclosed within an impenetrable shell of indifference to other people.
Price-to-volume ratio is outrageous, suggesting indifference to the consumer and ignorance of the market.
We must not become resigned to living in fear and indifference, with being selfishly concern about our interests only.
But, of course, an entire world of social indifference and need fills the screen.
His refusal to show us how events play out comes across as sheer negligence, or indifference.
We in medicine have watched all this mainly with bafflement, even indifference.
He wants to flog the indifference out of the rest of us.
Sports writers proper see the indifference and egotism of all involved and are made cynical by it.
Our first journeys discover to us the indifference of places.
There was never any willingness to let public indifference or outright hostility moderate the pace.
The indifference to rents shows to some degree how under-leveraged some key sectors may be.
It is really an uplifting form of philosophical indifference.
People quietly came and went with perfect indifference to the hour.
The indifference at that level is often mind-boggling.
Misinformation, bigotry and indifference can be found everywhere, from tiny villages to presidential offices.
The foe he sees is our own indifference to the future and a lack of faith in our ability to do anything about it.
Yet the indifference with which the news was received should not obscure its importance.
The bike has suffered from the indifference of car-driving rulers.
Its real enemy is the indifference that many people still feel towards gaming.
It was his refusal to be labelled as angry, or as anything else, and his indifference to literary acclaim.
He attributes the declining resistance to guilt, indifference and the fear of being accused of racism.
The generations that draw breath now on this planet, show a profound indifference of the future that awaits their children.
Quiet diplomacy might work, but it can also let topics slip by and leave a public perception of indifference or collusion.
The opinions here are showing this still, the ignorance and the indifference.
We must never allow ourselves to lapse into indifference toward politicians.
It's not a problem of hostility or antagonism, it's more of a problem of indifference.
And they can be further traumatized by the indifference or hostility of the bureaucracy that is supposed to help them.
It doesn't show an acceptance of uncertainty either, merely the new certainty of indifference.
While public indifference might result over time, the initial broadcasts would undoubtedly get attention and stir debate.
And nothing facilitates indifference or forgetfulness so much as distance.
Extreme indifference is more than ordinary indifference.
He further argues that the district court erred in giving the jury an instruction on deliberate indifference.

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