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Such a stark indictment would surely draw reaction from the government and oil companies.
The indictment against the large unwanted family is written in human woe.
Official and spiritual acts, prayers and preferments, are all mingled in the indictment.
They claim that these individual cases of journalistic misconduct add up to an indictment of the whole business.
Generally, a indictment would eliminate a contractor from consideration.
It is an implied indictment of spending anything on volcano monitoring.
Four weeks of nearly continuous tracking provided the basis of an indictment and subsequent conviction for drug trafficking.
Even after an indictment, proceedings could be slowed by mental-health issues.
All in all the series was a pretty powerful indictment of fat moral apathy and expediency.
Sure, it's possible to have someone so mercenary, but not likely and surely not an indictment of a whole system of employment.
It ought not to be an indictment of this university or her department that they did not do more than the law requires.
If there was ever an indictment of the validity of this charade, this is it.
Those in law-enforcement circles had long believed that there would be no indictment without an airtight case.
The indictment rests on a number of specific instances.
It was typical of this indictment that it was delayed until after the particular contra support operation had ended.
Ravi had made four court appearances since his indictment.
In the months after the indictment, vigilantes combed the cities searching for members of the alleged kidnappers' network.
And its sluggish legal proceedings can take years to reach the point of indictment.
But it is also an indictment of a weak opposition, and raises worries that he will now wield virtually absolute power.
Indeed, for many countries, the success of services is an indictment of their failure in manufacturing.
The author's self-serving indictment seethes with malevolence.
The effect of the earthquake, however, was an indictment of the lack of preparation.
Short of unimpeachable exculpatory evidence, prosecutors are loath to back away from an indictment, much less a conviction.
But that this political coward had so little room to maneuver means that the indictment must be extended.
But this is not an indictment of the bill's ability to control costs, as of the ability of any bill to control costs.
It was not that he wasn't worthy of such an indictment.
The phrase is actually a self-indictment as well as a self-congratulation.

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