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As reconstructed by the paleontologists, the dinosaur-bearing deposits are indicative of a relatively warm coastal plain.
Among the evidence of their age are dark blotches indicative of many years underground, researchers say.
Small red regions are indicative of rapid plant growth.
He thinks that technology is not inherently neutral, but rather is indicative of a whole way of framing the world.
Similar patterns are observed for a number of other body measurements, all indicative of the same trends of deviation.
It's indicative of the way the worlds of the living and the dead continue to be closely linked.
So on one hand, financial industry layoffs might not be entirely indicative of economic slowdown.
Notably missing are pinkish emission nebulae indicative of new star birth.
The sensor is worn under the armpit and measures subtle changes in basal body temperature which is indicative of ovulation.
How he came to farm abalone is indicative of the creature's unfortunate history.
But the vast new effort is indicative of a broad trend up and down the region.
My guess is the few mentions here is indicative of something.
Sorry, being articulate is not necessarily indicative of being smart.
It is not an isolated even or indicative of the quality of this conference.
It is indicative of much of the morality and reality of contemporary sports.
The consistency of the node is sometimes indicative of certain conditions.
Indicative more of terror or alarm than of real danger.
Nothing is more indicative of a bad disposition of heart than not to desire the truth of eternal promises.
And as it thus yielded to are in the indicative, it now seems destined to yield to am and is in the subjunctive.
Only six of the ten noises indicative of a flourishing town are here mentioned.
Overconfidence doesn't sound negative at all but the actions they promote are indicative of delusional behavior.
It seems, however, indicative of the lack of thoroughness which he exerts in dealing with the data.
They are two entirely different philosophies, indicative of the respective company mentalities.
The transition in steeplechase away from sportsmanship and toward hollow celebration is indicative of a broader trend.
Fascinating, and indicative of the continual and continuing small genetic shifts that are occurring.
It's a general statement of the whole, not indicative of the beliefs of every single individual member.
That's strongly indicative of marginal additive genetic variance effecting mate choice.
It's not enough to say that the existence of a feedback mechanism is necessarily indicative of consciousness.
If you go and find fossilized remains, that's indicative.
Motive, means, and opportunity is not by itself indicative of nefarious actions.
All perfectly good measures-and perfectly indicative of the government's frustration.
Those patterns are indicative of people trying, but struggling, to keep up with their payments.
Such claims are not verifiable, but they are indicative of fears running high.
But this mostly middle-aged and white group hardly feels indicative of the city as a whole.
The first two indicate a lack of dental care while the third is indicative of the level of care.
Of course, past performance is not indicative of future results.
So far his approach is not indicative of real change.
That's why absolute levels are only indicative of raw power, but not of the quality of the outcomes.
Yet, their size is indicative of the value of the scarce resource being obtained.
Often seen as a sign of strength, this behavior may also be indicative of future illness, according to a new study.
And the symptoms could instead be indicative of chronic fatigue syndrome or depression.
Changes in brain volume are not necessarily indicative of cognitive impairment, he adds.
But the astronomers did detect a polarization signature that could be indicative of water ice.
It's indicative of the media's mangling of science in order to get a catchy pullquote.
The length of the lines are indicative of the delay between those two nodes.
None of these distances was great enough to be indicative of flight behavior.
She says this high diversity of birds is indicative of an ecologically rich environment that would have been good for humans.
If the comments here are at all indicative of the bias built into the study, it certainly would explain the conclusion.
Brown or red stains on the sheets may also be indicative of an infestation.
What's indicative of fraud is the conduct of the five justices.
If the trends of the past few years are indicative, not much.

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