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Tell-tale patterns of damage on the skulls of the dinosaurs indicated that they truly were locking horns.
In questionnaires they displayed no awareness of the rampant stress indicated by their cortisol measurements.
He indicated his choice by pressing one of two targets within the box, using his nose.
Past studies have indicated that optimistic answers indicate happy moods.
The resulting welfare gains are indicated by the profitability of both the operators and their customers, he suggests.
It has indicated it may start doing the latter again.
Recorders, who were blind to the study, noted where handlers indicated that their dogs had raised alerts.
Meanwhile tax increases, almost certainly beyond anything indicated in the election campaign, will also curb demand.
Evidence from autopsied brains of some of those who died also indicated reduced plaque formation.
The decays also indicated a relatively long half-life of a few seconds, as expected.
The sign on the door of one room indicated that the previous occupants had spent the past two hours recalling happy life events.
Previous work had indicated that running can boost brain cell growth in normal mice.
Doctors' reports indicated they had caught his cancer relatively early.
Has again indicated urgency in action is imperative.
The researchers also tested two modern teeth to make sure that no false results were indicated.
These tests indicated that families with older matriarchs were better at identifying who was approaching.
The results indicated that the flow of energy was from larger to smaller eddies, where it gradually dissipated downstream.
Several projects looked promising up until a few years ago, when studies indicated they caused more harm than good.
The results indicated a slight poleward shift of the storm tracks.
For one thing, the report indicated that only five missiles had been fired.
Probably, other personal references were intended in addition to those indicated, but they are not discernible now.
The groom stops at the foot of the chancel steps and takes his place at the right, as indicated in the accompanying diagram.
The division of the heart into four cavities is indicated on its surface by grooves.
Her complexion was not good and her face was covered with blotches that indicated ill health.
His historical works have, as indicated, a distinctive character.
The development of the successional permanent teeth-the ten anterior ones in either jaw-has already been indicated.
It was quite an exceptional thing for the case and number of a substantive to be unambiguously indicated by its form.
The oxygen is absorbed in the upper layers of the fluid-as is indicated by the change of color.
The mood of persons in the area, as indicated in conversations overheard by the writer, seems unfavorable to the new building.
Two circles, with the same dots at their centers, indicated her breasts.
It turned out that her symptoms indicated organophosphate poisoning due to exposure to insecticide.
They're still dealing with it, because a good many senators have indicated their support for it.
Huge areas indicated by round green blotches would be converted to parks and green space.
So the change in coloration indicated that the frogs' extremely thin, sensitive skin was reacting to contaminants in the water.
Take your hole punch and make two holes on the sides where indicated.
Cooler gases stream from the disk's upper and lower surfaces, as indicated by colored arrows.
The find indicated that the genetic code is more flexible than originally thought.
He also indicated it was too early to discuss how much power the company could produce.
Thick layers represented rich summer grazing, while thin ones indicated sparse winter fare.
Many indicated that the availability of grant aid and an aversion to borrowing were also important factors.
Master's degree in the discipline and teaching experience required unless otherwise indicated.
Informal measures also indicated his tenure case was a go.
No doubt you are bright, as indicated by the fact that you're here.
Your copy editor probably indicated as much in her cover letter.
Almost all of its components were better than the first estimate indicated.
Most of the revision was due to more spending on motor vehicles and gasoline than the first estimate indicated.
It was a fashion of the day, and a part of those tendencies of thought already briefly indicated.
It's possible that the other survey, which indicated a better result, is more accurate.
The points are to be indicated with check marks or stars.
Not one part of the plant indicated failure to meet the rigid specifications.
As indicated in the image below, the account number is on the second line from the top of your mailing label.
He had a kind of curve in his spine, and his entire posture indicated that he was exhausted.
He has since indicated that it will likely be canceled.
Evidence prior to that date strongly indicated the absence of infiltration.
The momentum in computing as indicated seems to be focusing on the mobile devices and there dependence on the cloud.
In the top image, areas in yellow and red are structurally connected to the area indicated by the blue spot.
Carbonation is contra-indicated for reinforced and prestressed concrete.
Measurements of rogue waves, instead, are often indicated as mistaken readings.
As a result, cost per gallon of fuel produced is typically several times those indicated in this article.
Some of the earlier comments indicated that there is no common format to exchange information.
As indicated in the story, early versions failed to run properly due to computer malfunctions of some type.
The interviewees indicated that their systems provided a reasonable return on investment.
He has recommended they resubmit with a different route, and the company has indicated they intend to resubmit.
Shelves with fast-selling items are indicated in red.
According to conventional wisdom, the markings indicated the chair as the source of the fire.
Nothing in his previous behavior had indicated that he was aware of, or willing to acknowledge, the danger on his back.
And not a single one of those notes is indicated in the text.
The thing is, the way the light dipped indicated the planet was bigger than models indicated it should be.
As indicated in the article, there is much less medium for the expanding gas to interact with, being out of the galactic plane.
They were also woven in a diagonal twill pattern that indicated the use of a rather sophisticated loom.
Opioid, opiate painkillers are indicated in and are included in the responsible treatment and management of certain conditions.
Until now, endlessly multiplying cells indicated one thing: cancer.
Not too surprisingly, it's pretty much as the rumors indicated.
They seem only to be viable when heavily subsidized as indicated in the article.
His detailed calculations indicated that the planet's orbit slowly but steadily drifts.
Previous studies indicated the moth's sounds might serve to startle the bats, or warn them that the insects were unpalatable.
They indicated that there should be no problem, as the later flights had plenty of open seats.
The photographs were identified with attractive names, unattractive names, or without any name indicated.
Researchers have also indicated that taping alone is not enough.
The last national census, based on self-ascription, indicated a similar figure.
Her fever and coma indicated the infection had invaded her brain.
However, soon thereafter, the computer indicated that another four missiles had been launched.
If more of the beam is sent back, the object is said to have a high reflectivity and is indicated by a bright color.
Average daily streamflows indicated in cubic feet per second.

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