indexing in a sentence

Example sentences for indexing

Careful indexing made a real difference to a computer's usability.
There are jobs within the field that don't require too much talking such as cataloging and indexing.
The result is a kind of indexing system for an audio stream.
Better to call it progressive indexing, which means reducing benefits for high earners.
The speed and ease of indexing the full contents of files in modern operating systems should obviate the need for filing.
It retrieves security data routinely while indexing the web.
Brazilians learned to live with inflation by indexing prices.
Scanning and indexing books, for instance, brings offline information online.
Pacts offering job stability in exchange for not indexing salaries and pensions.
Fundamental indexing has been one of the hottest investment ideas in the mutual fund world.
Indexing, of course, has never been popular in some quarters.
The indexing in the book deserves special mention because it is simply amazing.
The second would create an indexing system to rank the viability of patent applications.
The indexing teeth on both sides of the gear are clearly visible.
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