indexation in a sentence

Example sentences for indexation

It gave rise to cuts in inventory and inheritance taxes, and to the indexation of state income-tax rates to inflation.
Those who do index often have the right to suspend indexation, or partially index, in some years.
Indexation with the latter measure would result in changes in indexed benefits paralleling the spendable earnings of wage earners.
Indexation prevents inflation from causing bracket creep, and this reduces the strength of the revenue response to inflation.
With mounting inflation, pressures increased for indexation-tying money payments to price indexes-as a means of ensuring fairness.
The simulation incorporates the increased personal income from such indexation.
Each fund had different contribution and indexation rates, benefit levels, and requirements for retirement.
The impact of the higher personal incomes on revenues is reduced, with a lag, by indexation of tax brackets for inflation.
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