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Example sentences for indeterminate

Indeterminate plants keep flowering until stopped by frost, so their crops are much more spread-out.
Of course, this doesn't mean that a revolution isn't going on, only that its effects are indeterminate.
Only when government gets involved does value become indeterminate.
People who think in terms of determinism pretend that there is no such thing as an indeterminate gate.
Pole beans, peas, and indeterminate tomatoes also need to be trained on some sort of structure.
All these are coming at some indeterminate point in the future.
Approach to the patient with a cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodule.
The idea being that history is written at some indeterminate point in the far-off future.
Without denying this, consider several factors that are also cost related, but largely indeterminate in direct dollar terms.
Only those willing to accept jobs with indeterminate tenure will be employed.
She hasn't had a lot of time in the sunlight, and her performance was carefully unstagy, in a kind of indeterminate zone.
The mammography also tends to find tiny indeterminate lumps.
In those days every state in the country had a system of indeterminate prison sentences.
The extreme case is in the public print, where writer and reader are at an indeterminate remove from each other.
In other words it is reflexive and therefore indeterminate.

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