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Example sentences for indestructible

They come in a range of colors and they're pretty indestructible.
The land has a timeless, indestructible look that is misleading.
Even though the market was full of tourists, the magic was indestructible.
Artists have a huge white canvas and an indestructible urge to fill it with color.
Back and forth over the river went the indestructible samurai.
Moreover, a remarkable peculiarity of the unconscious processes is the fact that they remain indestructible.
New technology can make your mail, music, and photos nearly indestructible.
Also, aforementioned hammer is virtually indestructible.
They're colorful, comfortable and nearly indestructible.
In the context of a robot army, that means the airborne robot could be indestructible.
Right up until you take a blade to them, bike-tire inner-tubes are all but indestructible.
The stainless steel will make your bottle virtually indestructible.
Another myth of adolescence is that of the indestructible self.
Remember that these marine animals are not indestructible.
Feel indestructible and may take part in dangerous challenges.
Sod houses were inexpensive to build and virtually indestructible.
The irresistible chew toy is nearly indestructible and safe.
It is also about effectively balancing those chronic issues that are inherently unsolvable, unavoidable, and indestructible.
Wetlands may have tremendous capacities to provide environmental benefits, but they are not indestructible.
These features together with the ineffectiveness of herbicides make this weed nearly indestructible.
Many landowners have the misconception that trees and forests are virtually indestructible.
While buildings cannot be made indestructible, they can be built as strong and safe as possible.
Although this unique desert can give the impression of being indestructible, it is actually quite fragile.
Did you know that pollen grains are practically indestructible.
Secondly, because they are indestructible they stay in the environment forever.
Sturdy bulbs-the epoxy lenses are virtually indestructible.
The boat proved nearly indestructible and ideal for running rapids.
Even educational publishers joined the fervor, producing patriotic spelling books on virtually indestructible cloth.
Many view the desert as a gigantic, indestructible playground.
These ponds can be placed above or below ground and are almost indestructible.
It is not indestructible, however, and mistreatment could cause moisture to leak through the case seal.
Most of us learned in elementary school that water is indestructible and is recycled through the hydrologic cycle.
It is important to remember that historic building materials are neither indestructible, nor are they renewable.
It has resisted flood after flood, and was in every one's opinion absolutely indestructible.
Interactive exhibits are sturdy, but not indestructible.

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