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Their wings work independently, so they can hover and change direction instantaneously.
Then the kids grew up and moved out and, independently of that, my marriage crumbled.
It is not affordable to anyone that isn't either independently wealthy, or as a six figure plus job.
Many services are available that provide the training and support blind people need to function independently.
However, when they were expected to think critically or independently, they were stymied.
Some work in smaller companies dedicated to educational consulting, or they work independently.
Rankings are essentially one-dimensional, since each indicator is considered independently.
Yet these disciplines are fractionated and operate largely independently.
Giant blocks of quoted material suggested the author was unwilling or unable to think independently.
It has stolen control of many muscles in her face, along with her ability to live independently.
The tension you refer to as a strength exists independently of the difference between administrators and faculty members.
They are more motivated to learn independently--no spoon feeding or hand holding required.
As long as they are independently represented then it doesn't matter.
They were joined by a cluster of other charters, supported by federal and state funds but independently operated.
For a start, the four collaborative species are unrelated, suggesting that a propensity for cohesion has evolved independently.
Now two groups of physicists, working independently, have demonstrated that nature is indeed real when unobserved.
Furthermore,a quick web search shows that it's been independently tested to ensure efficacy.
Quote figures that can be independently confirmed, not the ones that come out of your head.
The overwhelming majority of humans is neither able, nor willing to think independently.
It must also publish independently verified reports on its social and environmental impact alongside its financial results.
The review process and the governmental approval of final reports are independently monitored.
It is based on tabs, each of which runs independently of the others for security, speed and stability.
He says the separation was fairly smooth because the two sides were already operating independently.
Community users' groups are a start, but they need to be independently monitored.
He tells me that he expects to recruit five independently-funded students this year, in addition to the six state-funded ones.
In theory, a company's auditors are appointed independently by its shareholders, to whom they report.
Officials say that the new appointees will exercise their mandates independently.
Scientists had long thought that the lesser short-tailed bat evolved its walking preference independently.
Kangaroos' legs cannot move independently of one another, so they must hop everywhere.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently as required.
But the animals grow symmetrically, with each half of the body developing independently of the other.
Excellent writing and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently are required.
The smallest unit of living matter that can operate independently.
Each floor will rotate independently at different speeds, resulting in an amazing building that will always look different.
Each half of the stadium could move independently, riding the shifting crust without breaking a sweat.
It's no longer possible to do the trek independently.
It was the first time in naval warfare that cannons could be operated independently of the ship's maneuvering.
Have students work independently to draft summaries-in news article style-of their research.
Moths with ears-a feature that evolved independently in several moth species-can hear the bat calls and avoid the predators.
Scientists believe that historically the groups invaded the ocean separately, evolving adaptations to marine life independently.
As part of this requirement, all processes and data must be independently verified by a third party.
The temperatures and pressures were so high that quarks and gluons were able to exist independently of each other.
It is programmed to operate independently and can determine when to point its solar panel towards the sun.
It is all part of the same tectonic plate so it would have moved with the plate itself rather than independently.
It was difficult to determine independently how the game went.
It was soon clear that their movies were outscoring the independently produced features they purchased.
Willingness to work independently, welcome and solicit feedback, and work and communicate well with others as part of a team.
However, dive operators organize trips to scuba dive with the manatees, as do independently minded divers.
Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated.
If you intend to visit a plantation independently, keep in mind that the offerings of each plantation differ.
What is well and in conformity with order is so by the nature of things and independently of human conventions.
Concurrently there had been a development of seed-bearing trees, which could spread their seed, independently of swamp or lakes.
It appealed to him so far as it harmonised with predilections which had been created independently of it.
They appear independently and are accepted because one does not credit them with any aim or purpose.
Independently of the individual contribution, there are certain collective donations.
Two teams of scientists have independently constructed a deadly strain of flu.
One theory holds that domestication occurred independently at a number of locales.
Its plastid retains a distinct cell wall but divides at the same time as the host and cannot be grown independently.
Whether this shared ability evolved independently or came from a common ancestor is unclear.
They are only interesting if they are the outcome of theoretically grounded research, and independently testable.
Extraordinary results need to be held suspect until confirmed independently.
Either operates perfectly independently of the other.
The security services remain under civilian control and do not act independently.
Successful candidates will possess excellent organizational skills, computer skills, and the ability to work independently.
Unless independently wealthy, few single adults have the option of becoming a permanent homemaker.
It begins to reproduce independently, regardless of the body's needs-the defining characteristic of cancer.
Most are independently owned, and contract their services to diamond companies.
They had independently come up with the same idea and were in the early stages of starting a similar company.
Sometimes you get to choose your actions independently, for example when you serve, but mostly you adapt and respond.
If couples choose not to find their eggs through an agency, they must do so independently.
She is so much alive as to live independently of her actual appearances in the story.
They have evolved independently of outside life for all that time, and were discovered due to a few leaks from under the glacier.
In fact, they emerged independently many times, presumably because cooperation among cells was such a good idea.
Laboratory synthesis of an independently reproducing vertebrate species.
Only a few mutations in this gene conferred resistance, and each strain had acquired them independently.
The amazing thing about this chemical warfare is that it has evolved independently several times.
Each one tells a story of fear and foraging, authored by thousands of animals operating independently.
They work together, but also independently for the proper functioning of our bodies.
These sequences can independently hop around the genomes of all sorts of complex cells, including our own.
It apparently evolved independently in two different lineages of carnivorous mammals.
Within this one-story house, autistic adults learn how to live independently.
Many species have independently reinvented the wheel technique.
Then go out and try to independently validate your calculation by looking at the data.
Responding to eye-catching sights enables robots to act independently when they encounter something unexpected.
And yes they might innovate some things independently in the future and catch some folks by surprise, not me really.
The images would be independently delivered to each eye with a much larger field of vision.
These developers are operating independently when they apply interconnection requests.
He realized that the organization was failing in its goal of giving others the ability to use the platform independently.
For many simple actions, such as walking, these computations proceed more or less independently.
Must be independently verified by government or government certified testing facilities to get tax credits.
Added to that is the complexity of moving five individual fingers, sometimes in unison and sometimes independently.
While related, they operate somewhat independently, almost as backups for each other.
Its purpose was to enforce agreed tariffs on all merchants alike, independently of mandarin or mercantile corruption.
But race matters independently of the other background factors with which it may or may not be correlated, for two reasons.
Both agencies had counterterrorism units, but they operated entirely independently.
Lights at the end of its two tails can be independently controlled for varying brightness.
Soon, the shadow bird she makes with her hands flies independently.

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