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They felt that it was high-handed and brutal, and that it fixed an indelible blot on the national conscience.
The night behind bars made an indelible impression, and he never joined a gang.
Industry and our pursuit of fossil fuels have left indelible marks on the planet in numerous ways.
Let's talk about branding for a moment: the art of making an indelible good impression on as many people as you can.
From sidewalk musicians to public art sculptures, the arts are an indelible part of the city's soul.
The indelible ink to prevent multiple voting with fingerprints turned out not to be indelible after all.
For the truly afflicted among us, cars leave an indelible mark upon our lives.
Let's see how good all that indelible ink is for washing.
To have once imagined and composed fiction, it seemed, laid him under an indelible curse of unreality.
But to the half-dozen photographers and reporters who watched the helicopters depart, the details are indelible.
T he days fractured into lurching, indelible moments and odd details that stuck.
When oil gushes into the ocean, the consequences can be indelible.
Memories of school field trips likely left indelible impressions on your brain and imagination.
Sometimes a mystery succeeds because of one indelible character.
Along the way, the network made headlines and supplied countless indelible memories.
The films are indelible, the surname is adjectival, and the silhouette of the portly profile is instantly recognizable.
Psychologists say that loss makes a more indelible impression on our minds than gain.
All prescription orders must be signed in ink or indelible pencil to prevent anyone from altering a legitimate prescription.
History and culture have left the indelible imprint of people and their relationship with the ocean.
In the process he made an indelible mark for himself in the history of the state.
To ensure that none of the sample has been lost, mark all liquid levels with a marker that will be indelible.
Using indelible ink, write your name and room number on the tag of your lab coat.
If a slide is submitted, print your name on the slide jacket in indelible ink.
Necessary subsequent revisions and additions may be in ink or indelible pencil.

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