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All nature is enchanted, and fruitful as imagination itself in indefinitely varied creations.
Many people remain penned up in refugee camps more or less indefinitely.
Here obviously tenure is not an option, but the contract can be renewed indefinitely.
Some of her cancer cells, however, became the first human cells to reproduce and survive indefinitely outside the human body.
Neutrino seemed spooked by the encounter, and he put off the raft launch indefinitely.
There was to have been a fourth hotel, whose opening has been delayed indefinitely.
If history is any indication, it will continue indefinitely.
Individuals will pay anything for a now indefinitely attenuated supply.
The reality is we've seen that some animals can indefinitely postpone decay in the natural environment.
It is capable of cruising indefinitely as speeds well in excess of any posted limits.
And samples may be kept indefinitely, even if suspects are cleared of charges.
By repeating this cycle, the wheel will turn indefinitely in a single direction relative to the rest of the molecule.
E-mail often remains stored on cloud servers indefinitely, in gigabytes upon gigabytes.
We were able to keep tumors stable and mice alive indefinitely.
Or that companies could postpone making profits indefinitely.
He intends to sustain himself indefinitely through his intelligence, which he hopes will only grow.
Because they can survive indefinitely, there should be no need for repeated surgery.
And in cancer cells, which unfortunately do not seem to age, telomere length is maintained virtually indefinitely.
Next is a demonstration that economic growth cannot continue indefinitely against a constant energy supply.
It is naive to think that economic growth can continue indefinitely on a finite planet.
It cannot continue to grow and consume water indefinitely.
Scientists have tried to keep changing various animals and plants indefinitely by crossbreeding.
It cannot be expected to underwrite other countries' deficits indefinitely.
It may dissipate into the universe but remain somehow entangled in some kind of functional unit, maybe indefinitely.
If any objects orbit there-nobody knows-they would stay in place indefinitely.
However, the government has reportedly reneged on this mandate, and has postponed that deadline indefinitely.
As that range area is also used for other things, aircraft ships, etc they can't have it indefinitely cleared.
Once the memory engine starts whirring, it can carry on indefinitely.
Of all possible histories, any which go through a big crunch are lower entropy than any which increase entropy indefinitely.
Others put off marriage and children indefinitely while looking for a job.
The global economy cannot grow indefinitely on a finite planet.
One can live with moderate fallout indefinitely in total ignorance.
But not even that vigilance-let alone the overtime-can continue indefinitely.
It was pitiful enough to find so much idleness, but it was more pitiful to observe that it was likely to continue indefinitely.
And these would then rub against each other indefinitely.
Both players are out indefinitely and are not on the fantasy radar.
So even if one wanted a consumer debt-fueled economy indefinitely, the physical limits of the planet preclude it.
Each clone, producing only one type of antibody, will keep on producing that uniform product indefinitely.
Many were then held indefinitely and, in some cases, tortured in hopes that they would provide information.
The reward arrives immediately while sometimes it seems the bill can be indefinitely postponed.
Such crystals can extend indefinitely in all three dimensions.
And the filter itself would be expected to last indefinitely.
Or they could carry on fighting indefinitely, to the benefit of no one but lawyers.
Others told it to hold the information indefinitely.
Officials said the process would be automatic, with renewals granted indefinitely.
Meanwhile oil prices will keep on soaring, while the stalemate continues indefinitely.
Its sweeping powers permitted the police to detain suspects indefinitely.
Yet candidates cannot afford to dither indefinitely.
But the belief that its financial system can handle huge saving flows indefinitely has been punctured.
But that stance will not hold indefinitely if things get worse.
Emergency diesel generators cannot make up for the loss of the grid, and cannot operate indefinitely.
Extend the same restrictions indefinitely, and basic survival will be at risk.
In some places, a small toll at rush hour and a few buses will be enough to keep traffic running smoothly indefinitely.
In theory, this process could continue indefinitely, in which case the multiplier would have an infinite value.
But it has not-could not-defy political gravity indefinitely.
Instead of spending, they are paying off their heavy debts, and this will weigh on corporate earnings indefinitely.
Maybe the artificial intelligences will help us treat the effects of old age and prolong our life spans indefinitely.
They can keep rolling over their debts indefinitely.
Embryonic stem cells are known for their ability to grow indefinitely.
Indefinitely confined voters will receive absentee ballots automatically for all elections until they fail to return a ballot.
The board has recommended that the respondent be indefinitely suspended from the practice of law.

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