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It has also proposed a new statute authorizing the indefinite detention without trial of terrorism suspects.
And with indefinite and growing boundaries which deny others the right to exist.
Project this into the indefinite future and economic nirvana beckons.
And he promised an end to rendition and indefinite detention.
The game service is on indefinite hold, but the keyboard has finally surfaced.
But late last month officials announced yet another delay-an indefinite one.
Yes, the scientific interests have fuelled our curiosity and it will continue to do so for an indefinite period.
In any case, an indefinite ban on cloning research could have worse consequences than careful regulation.
His music's not to my taste, but he's so fluid and indefinite and polyvalent that he's kind of interesting.
As an indefinite noun-adjective clause, it could be translated as blessed day.
Alas, licensing issues and other hiccups have held this lofty promise in indefinite limbo.
The result was an indefinite closing of comments on the site and deletion of some current comments.
Our cyberpunk future has been put on an indefinite hold.
Also it has an indefinite shelf life as long as the seal is intact, so the heart in it lasts for years.
Since no cure is in sight, their isolation is indefinite.
Yeah, if your referring to the limit on destruction and out indefinite collective imaginary for consumption.
Two days after it had opened, with the source of the wobble still a mystery, the bridge was closed for an indefinite period.
She writes blonde even though her hair is an indefinite shade.
The horizon of that edge commonly seems arbitrary, and the tabletop itself may be woozily indefinite.
So instead of being punished again, he was committed to a hospital for treatment over an indefinite period.
He studies about things, in an indefinite sort of way, but never learns the solid facts.
Awkward and indefinite in the first place, this system is outworn, and is wholly out of gear with our modern political methods.
The next day, he changed course, announcing that he would instead take an indefinite leave of absence.
It's about all future presidents as well, since this war will go on for the indefinite future.
Clearly, productivity and profits are expected to stay high for the indefinite future.
But there is no reason to think the supply of such willing hands will be indefinite.
Immigrants are not allowed to access any benefits unless they have indefinite leave to remain.
In both cases, these issues threaten to make land unusable for indefinite periods, possibly up to thousands of years.
Civilization is a progress from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity toward a definite, coherent heterogeneity.
It may have an indefinite number of qualities according to the precise position of the upper organs of speech.
The last example, before correction, is indefinite as well as negative.
These reasons were not of convenience only, but of vital necessity, and did not admit of indefinite delay.
If the noun has the indefinite article the infinitive is better sometimes.
He seemed deeply oppressed and concerned at the prospect of indefinite escalation.
We too have lived through an era of stability, certainty, and the illusion of indefinite economic improvement.
The decision was later changed to an indefinite suspension.

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