indecent in a sentence

Example sentences for indecent

Hire once served a six-month sentence for indecent exposure.
Their error was to put their indecent proposal in writing, in an e-mail pitch.
Fortunately, laws against indecent exposure imply the reverse.
In any case, the conception of history as a toady to power is indecent.
For people to live around shopping would be harmful and indecent.
Sweet, perhaps the abbot of the order, makes almost indecent haste to sin.
It would be indecent, no doubt, to compare either a curate or a chaplain with a journeyman in any common trade.
Remember your taxes are certain to accelerate upwards, to pay for all these indecent provisions.
Defendant appeals his conviction for indecent exposure.

Famous quotes containing the word indecent

Oh cursed corset! If I could let it out, without indecent exposure.... more
There are those who so dislike the nude that they find something indecent in the naked truth.... more
Such writing is a sort of mental masturbation.... I don't mean that he is indecent but viciously soliciting... more
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