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Example sentences for incursion

The incursion did little to disrupt life in the slum.
Pakistanis say another incursion this week was repulsed, though both armies deny it.
Bad enough, but their supine incursion hopelessly cuts off access to the television.
They regard personal revelation not as an incursion of privacy but a marker of authenticity.
None see the need for major military incursion beyond their own boarders.
At different points paddocks make an incursion into the forest, a history of gold-mining and sheep farming in the region.
No, in the marshes they've had no problems with incursion activity.
It would likely be seen as the first incursion of a genocidal crusade.
Suppose their was a runway incursion on during landing in inclement weather.
The major networks are fighting to protect against an incursion into the market of their local affiliates.
But no, their incursion seems aggressively local, and the paddle-boat remains a set design in search of a rationale.
These might seem to be aspects of poker based entirely on human psychology and therefore invulnerable to computer incursion.
The structure stands today even though it was at the center of heavy fighting during the incursion.
But the military described the incursion as routine and said it was not part of a large-scale mission.
Opponents argue that any foreign incursion equals privatization.
It doesn't take much to be involved in a runway incursion.

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In civilization, as in a southern latitude, man degenerates at length, and yields to the incursion of more ... more
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