inculcated in a sentence

Example sentences for inculcated

Respect should be inculcated from birth, and is best learned by example.
The services say basic training is the place civilians are inculcated into the military life.
Hence, in accordance with the principles inculcated in this volume, these forms will not have been liable to much modification.
And they may call it sectarian, but it's definitely inculcated, ingrained in that society.
Encourage mentoring by those in leadership positions to build on the competencies inculcated in formal education.
As a result, that program is inculcated with that spirit.

Famous quotes containing the word inculcated

There is a species of scepticism antecedent to all study and philosophy, which is much inculcated by Descar... more
There was about all the Romans a heroic tone peculiar to ancient life. Their virtues were great and noble, and these vir... more
We found nothing grand in the history of the Jews nor in the morals inculcated in the Pentateuch.... I know... more
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