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Example sentences for incubation

With this in mind, scientists began to collect eggs for captive incubation.
Nor are scientists aware of how long the incubation period lasts.
The incubation period appears to be three to seven days.
In both the actual insect world and the fashion icon world, the butterfly seems to have a short incubation period.
The worm is then funnelled into an incubation well and exposed to a dose of the potential drug.
The effect runs exactly opposite to earlier observations on turtles, where higher incubation temperatures produce females.
More interesting than corruption is the possible incubation business model for ensuring rugged industrial companies a safe haven.
Not to mention the continuing incubation and export of terrorism.
The incubation period in humans may be as long as a year, if the inoculation is small and occurs on the hand or foot.
The long incubation period makes it even more difficult for investigators to track the source of the outbreak.
Forty-three days is the longest known incubation period.
The incubation time for influenza viruses is typically about a week.
Instead of sitting on eggs, they build big incubation mounds, usually out of piles of rotting leaves.
Deportation, incubation, and return: it's a cycle we've been caught in ever since.
In this species, either parent may decide to abandon its partner after incubation of the eggs.
After two days' incubation, they added an enzyme that digested all the normal protein in the mixture, leaving only prion proteins.
Heat speeds up the incubation of the dengue virus, making it infectious much sooner and for more of the insect's life span.
After three hours of incubation, the resulting microbes were exposed to the antibiotic tetracycline.
After several days of incubation the eggs are opened and the virus is removed, purified and used to make the vaccine.
In early spring, though no one had seen any eggs, the birds were exhibiting behavior consistent with the incubation period.
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